Video: College Kids Say the Darndest Things on Identity

A conservative organization made an interesting video where a white man did some random man-on-the-street interviews with college students in Washington. He first asks them about the gender identity bills that are being debated, and then starts asking them increasingly bizarre identity questions. The interviewees are very supportive of people’s perceived identities, to the point where they are reluctant to tell him that he cannot be a Chinese woman just because he says so. This is a really fascinating video where you can see that people think the questions are ridiculous, because they start laughing, but they still say that he can have any identity he wants. There is a disconnect between what they can see in front of them and what they have been trained to say.

Since this is a conservative organization who made this video, I am forced to add a disclaimer to this post. I am not a conservative, and I do not support the mission of this organization to “protect” families from homosexuals. In fact, as you may have noticed, I am a homosexual myself. If anyone would like to accuse me of being right-wing, go here.


7 thoughts on “Video: College Kids Say the Darndest Things on Identity

  1. This is emerging from a deeply held USA political assumption that all opinions are of equal value and deserve equal consideration and respect. This ends up on the validation of opinion being subjected to the court of the count rather than the court of veracity. In fact the only idea that is filled as illegitimate is the one that says that in fact there is Truth, not just opinion.

    If you insist on objective truths then you are deemed to be totalitarian. That is the shitstorm we see when we point to the fact that the person’s opinion may in fact be very delusional ! How dare I say someone is in fact not a six foot five Chinese woman? And OMG if I tell them that perhaps they should consult a professional about that issue. Strangely even the professionals are getting confused about who is and is not psychotic.

    But, back to point, this is an expression of what Badiou calls Democratic Materialism. He considers it, along with its focus on Rights and victims as the leadong resent ideology in society. It is also closely associated with pragmatism philosophically.

    Interestingly, it creates a social need for individuals to assume and demand the position of victims in order to access legitimacy in the court of rights. Thus what has been called “oppression olimpics ” where there is this listing of categories of oppression as of these were qualifications to speak. The position of survivor is actually often demonized because the survivor often addresses the truth within the situation rather than opinions and feelings because the transition to the position of survivor is in fact one of discover and reckoning with the reality of the situation.


    Rosa Harris

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  2. I think this is a very clever video, with some very cleverly framed questions. Of course if they’re asked by someone right in front of them, “what would you say if I told you I was really six years old/six feet five” they’re not going to come out and say “dude, that’s bullshit”. Very few people will outright challenge someone who is standing in front of them, looking them in the face, and making ludicrous statements.

    A more typical (and safer) respond would be “That’s interesting, why do you say that?” and, indeed, many of the students say that would be their exact response. I also got the impression that the more sceptical answers were more likely to be given by men, with the women less reluctant to challenge. And, of course, an interview on camera is inherently loaded, because if you give a careless response it will haunt you forever.

    It’s more disturbing that they aren’t prepared to outright address the ethnicity question – again, the response that rings truest to me is the one that figures the interviewer would have some Chinese ancestry.

    The replies regarding sex and gender are sadly par for the course.

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  3. It is dangerous to quote rightwing sources and MANY Radical Feminists are doing so. Rightwing sources,are also.using radical feminist words to prove their point. It will be the shallowest temporary slliance. It hurt tge radical feminist movement before and will do so again.

    What we need to do is make extensive videos of our own and distribute them!!!

    Nonetheless kids going to college are not being taught ANY critical thinking and the video shows how easily they are MANipulated and that they cannot stand their ground and speak truth on ANY objective level. Which means someone like a demagogue like Donald Trump can come in, MANipulate and lie like hell and not be challenged in the least.

    Seems like College is a big fucking waste of time and moneybtgese days…better to get a down to earth Trades skill and be a straightforward free thinker and plain talker. A self made woman.or man, unMANipulated by a dimbed down corporate college system…

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  4. This video is absolutely terrifying. Appalling. It’s like those students had their brains sucked out. Postmodernism is a brainsucker zombie maker.

    But I do agree with FeistyAmazon about the Conservative thing. No good to associate with them in any way.

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