Video: There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis

Lesbians everywhere are speaking out against men identifying as lesbians. This woman criticizes a video that I have written about before here. She does a fantastic job.


13 thoughts on “Video: There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis

  1. fuck yeah! like I said in my “colonization of everything” post, I think it’s healthy and necessary to question the motives of white males who stake claim to land, cultures and women’s bodies. I’m not surprised these guys are glib about their colonization of the female body—Colombus is still celebrated as a hero instead of a murdering rapist…let’s keep allowing men to silence women any way they choose, yeah….totally progressive…barf

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  2. in the original video she is criticizing, i instantly noticed the yuri (anime/manga depicting fetishized lesbianism for male consumption) desktop wallpaper in the background. his harley quinn comic nerd t-shirt speaks to it as well. the trans subculture is frequently borne out in traditionally “beta” male circles whose participants engage in less-than-masculine behavior from childhood. the fact that he retcons his entire growing-up to fit the narrative (“i started experiencing gender dysphoria when i was around three years old”) and reframes otherwise biologically normal feelings (“and i started liking girls when i was around five”) in the context of his “lesbianism” is what gets me.

    i too realized from an early age that i did not enjoy “manly” activities such as hierarchical pissing contests, beating each other up, and insulting each other to convey a backhanded expression of endearment. this did not require me to reject physical reality or my personal identity as a male.

    men who disavow aggressive, domineering behavior, especially those who demonstrate an aversion to it from a young age, could be doing so much more if they didn’t have to pretend they were women.

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  3. That video was superb! The business about the 200,000 disabled comments was interesting.

    Creepy however were the stills of the videos on YouTube that fill up the box when the video finishes. Because it was probably tagged “lesbian with a penis”. ::shudders::


  4. I loved this rebuttal to the original video! I’m not sure if Arielle turned off comments because of people rightly calling out the premise, or because of the hate she often gets from MTTs. A lot of these fetishists have left angry comments on her other videos, calling her transphobic and only concerned with FTTs because she doesn’t have enough videos about THEM.


  5. Ariel is annoying. I have noticed that the SJW vloggers all have this “manic pixie” thing going on, where they giggle and sound super excited.

    I can’t stand it.

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  6. It’s so fucking amazing that that a random homeless person off the streets of Houston or a Trump supporter from East Texas Redneckistan can give a better description of what a lesbian is than any liberal genderist can.

    Once upon time us liberal dudes used to believe in lesbians. We kept our distance and took care of their cats. Whatever. I was not driven to some masturbatory fantasy when that attractive black woman with dreads chained her mountain bike in front of K’s apartment. Get a grip everyone. Yes, neighbor K has a hot girlfriend. So what?

    I am so happy to have known neighbor K and her short term girlfriend on her mountain bike. I am glad that K trusted me with her key so that I could cuddle her elderly cat Alice when K went to study in Italy. I am glad I could defend her space from her creepy ex from California. Lesbians should be NOTHING to straight men like me, unless they believe porn, and I never believed porn that much.

    K and Bike Babe were both fairly GNC from early ages. I think if either one of them were young today they could have become trans kids. But luckily they reached puberty in the more enlightened 80s.

    And yes, transing juveniles is as bad as outright sexual abuse. GnRH agonists suppress the normal release of growth hormones. Transed daughters will be SHORTER than their naturally growing female cohorts, and much shorter than natural males. No amount of testosterone you inject into her can fix that.

    Seriously, I think the transing of girls is about as serious as any abuse girls have suffered. it amounts to Lesbian genocide .

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