Angry commenter doesn’t like me


This comment showed up on my post about the Autostraddle camp. I was debating whether to even respond to it—this person clearly doesn’t want to have a mature, adult conversation with me, or else they wouldn’t have started with “WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT YOU ARE.”

I have decided to respond, not because I think this commenter actually gives a shit about my response, but because my regular readers might be interested in this situation.

This person thinks that if I only googled some information about trans women, I’d find out that they’re really women. The thing is, I did start out trans-positive, back in the day. I’ve been to pro-trans events and I’ve seen trans women speak a few times. I’ve done years of reading about transgenderism, and I’ve put lots of thought into my position. I do not believe that transgender ideology makes any sense, and I do not believe there is such thing as a female brain, and I do not believes that males can be females just because they say so.

For anyone new here, I analyzed the question of what a woman is in this post, and I wrote some questions to challenge anyone who believes that trans women are women. Those questions are the following:

  • If there is nothing distinguishing trans women from other women then why are we calling some women trans? How do we know which women to call “trans” if there is no way to tell them apart?
  • Assuming that transgender means transitioning from one gender to the other, then what did trans women transition from? If they were born women and have always been women then why did they need to transition?
  • Do you think we need a word that describes the set of all adult humans who can produce ova and bear young? Why or why not? If so, what do you think this word should be?
  • Can you define the word ‘woman’ without using the word in the definition? (i.e. without using a circular definition.)

I would challenge this commenter to answer these questions, if they come back here.

As for the reasons Michfest ended, I cannot say exactly what Lisa Vogel’s reasons were, since I do not know her personally. But she did run the festival for 40 years, and anyone would get tired of doing anything after 40 years. As for the queer women’s community rejecting the intention of Michfest, I would like to say that hundreds, and possibly thousands, of lesbians all over the world loved Michfest exactly as it was, and considered it their homeland and the most positive experience of their lives.

I would, in fact, LOVE to go into the woods with a group of Totally Excellent Real Females—that’s the only factually accurate thing written in this comment.

It is interesting to me that I am being yelled at for saying that queer women are lesbians and bisexuals. Back in the day, queer actually meant homosexual. So yes, queer women are lesbian, and in some cases, bisexual women. I am fully aware that the word queer has come to mean absolutely everyone—I’ve written about that phenomenon a few times now. But I reject that. It’s hard to explain why without writing an entire essay, but here is a simplified explanation. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species and the vast majority of us are either biologically male or biologically female. Intersex people exist as rare exceptions to this rule. People have started “identifying” as a sex other than what they are, or as being neither sex. I place much more value on physical reality than on people’s subjective perceptions of themselves. I still think of females as females regardless of what sex they claim to be, and same for males. This is not because I hate or fear people who identify as transgender, it’s because I do not agree with their ideology. I am allowed not to agree with their ideology, both because it doesn’t make sense, and because it harms women.

I do not believe there is any such thing as “gender-binary elitist.” Among humans there is in fact a sex binary, that is real and cannot be wished away, and there is also a gender binary. Yes, there are only two genders—those genders are masculinity and femininity, and they are enforced by our culture on males and females. Androgyny is merely a combination of the two genders, it is not a gender of its own. I do not believe that gender is an outfit that people put on, or a sparkly essence inside of people. Gender is a harmful social construct that oppresses women and maintains patriarchy.

I read books that are recently published all the time. If you knew anything about me at all, you’d know I am a bookworm who is constantly reading, and that I write about the books I read on this blog.

It’s interesting that this commenter is supposedly supportive of queer women, but is showing that support by telling a lesbian that she is a piece of shit who shouldn’t be allowed to exist in the world. If this is how this person treats lesbians, then I think that they are the one who is hateful toward queer women!

It’s also interesting that this person says “fuck you for criticizing a place that allows people to shine,” but they just criticized Michfest, which was a place that allows females to shine.

As sparkly as this person’s gender is, they aren’t supportive of females who love other females and want to have female-only spaces in which to heal from patriarchy.



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  1. Define woman without resorting to gender stereotypes or circular logic.

    They can never answer this.

    “I feel like a woman therefore I am a woman”

    This is an attribution error. Feeling like a woman is not proof of a lady brain. The fact that body and mind don’t match is not proof of lady brain with male body. It is only evidence that there is some sort of body dysmorphia going on, the cause unknown.

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    • I feel like a woman when:

      people tell me anyone can be a woman…

      someone born with a penis tells me I’m wrong…

      someone born with a penis tells me there’s nothing sacred about my body or the spaces I inhabit

      someone born with a penis wants to invade my private space and thinks I owe it to them..

      someone born with a penis tells me I need to accept them and they’re choices regardless of my preference, comfort, or safety…

      ugh….I’m wrong? bigoted? don’t have a voice? yup, I must me a woman!

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        • hear hear! I can’t tell you what it means to “feel like a woman” and I am a woman. The only time I “feel like a woman” is when I have my period. And I guess when I’m being intimate. But both of those things are directly tired to my biology. I don’t FEEL like a woman. When I cook, clean, and do laundry, I’m being an ADULT. When my boundaries are violated I feel ANGRY. Feel. Feelings. Feelings are intangible, bodies are not. Language is so important and I swear its erasure and perversion is a purposeful coup.


  2. I love this – “If there is nothing distinguishing trans women from other women then why are we calling some women trans?” If you say trans women are women, then isn’t it logical to say that women are trans women? Can biological women now claim to be trans women because we feel like women, because we are women? This just goes around in a circle with no end. I’d really like a male to trans to define what a trans woman is, I’m sick of them always pressuring we women to define who we are. So what is a trans woman, and indeed what are these people transiting from – dare we mention male?

    Gender is their deity, and they bow down and worship it, offer up sacrifices (women and their culture), blasphemers are punished and ridiculed, stripped of their autonomy and demonized. The gender enthusiasts bear all the hallmarks of a cult, a fundamentalist religion, a colonizer, an abuser, a fascist state. They are DICKtators, and they get very upset when we don’t suck up and bow down and adore them.

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    • I’ve been thinking along these lines for quite some time now. If “trans women are women” there is no denying that “women are trans women” also. It can’t just work one way, right?

      And I agree with everything you said there. Transgender politics (and I guess its connecting ideology) is authoritarian. Its built upon the fact to have other succumb and validate you all the time. If someone disagrees, ever, its fire and flame that shall reign down upon the inferior.
      We seen many movements like this throughout history and often, when they gain power, it ends badly for those who refuse to go along.

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      • Hi sundazed, well we women must be trans women, so when we get maligned we can cry transphobia. What I find unsettling is perfectly intelligent folks are all bowing down to the trans gods in reverence, like brainwashed lemmings waiting for the rapture. The fervor of their commitment is astonishing to me, there is no critical thought, just acceptance and compliance. Very slave/master, abused/abuser dynamic going on here, even more baffling when the women doing it are highly educated. I sometimes feel that I must have missed something, because I am not swallowing it, am I really a bigot? You get so beaten down by the slurs, the absurdity of it, that you wonder if you are in some nightmare! What I find kind of strange, is also many women I know, who are mature, and very well educated and read, will not go near anything gender critical, or they are very reluctant to speak up. I find this maddening, they were warriors when fighting for women’s right, Valkyries! But now they seem to cower and acquiesce to males, they turn to mush around trans issues. It’s not going to end well for the women’s movement, there are still 7 year old girls being married off, having their genitals mutilated, women being beaten and raped, everyday, all day, all over the world. And there is no movement of women I can see that is cohesive who will fight for women’s rights globally, they all seem too busy telling men how brave they are because they don the mask of woman, they slip the uncomfortable heels on and waddle about admiring themselves. I sure hope the next generation of women will wise up, because I am getting old, I am tired and beat, I want the younger ones to keep pushing forward, but they are stagnant, admiring themselves in some broken mirror. I am actually glad that I will have cast off this mortal coil soon, I was hoping to bask in some kind of fruition of all my energy over these years, I was hoping the world would be getting to be a better place for everyone, but it just gets worse. That’s how older women feel, the house we built is infested with rats.

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        • Hi!

          Thank you for all you wrote. I agree completely.

          “Very slave/master, abused/abuser dynamic going on here,”
          So very much this in context of all your wrote. I could not agree more.


    • No. They were never women and never trans. They are cis male. If transition doesn’t work for you, you were never trans and always cis, and you are an appropriator besides, not of cis women, who don’t count because of their cis privilege, but of trans women. Detransitioning trans women are not trans women and have always had cis male privilege. If they lost their penis in transition and regret it now, those are cis tears. They don’t count. Always remember the cardinal rule of trans: only trans women count. They are the most triple oppressed, and everyone else has cis privilege except for trans men who have male privilege. Nobody’s pain or human rights or logical thought processes count when trans women want you to believe something. That is what it means to be oppressed. You can’t detransition: you can only have been living a lie when you were thinking you were trans by mistake, unlike real authentic trans women. I hope I’ve cleared it up for you.

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  3. I agree strongly with almost everything you said in this post. However, I don’t have much to say about what I agree with, so I’ll instead respond to something I don’t agree with. 🙂

    “Yes, there are only two genders—those genders are masculinity and femininity, and they are enforced by our culture on males and females. Androgyny is merely a combination of the two genders, it is not a gender of its own.”

    I don’t think it’s universal to have two ‘genders’ (i.e. social expectations based on sex). I distrust what I’ve read about the anthropology of gender because I’ve read much of it through a distorting trans ideology lens. However, I do think it’s clear that there are times and places where a human society creates more than two expectation-boxes to put people in. Snowflakeespecial gives the example of hijra people in parts of India; these are males who have a specified social role including wearing women’s clothing and making a living in specific ways. I think it’s quite reasonable to say that this culture has invented three genders: masculine, feminine, and hijra, out of the two sexes human beings are equipped with.

    As usual, snowflakeespecial’s post is so good that anyone who hasn’t read it should have a look:

    And then you say something that I agree with in its entirety:
    “I do not believe that gender is an outfit that people put on, or a sparkly essence inside of people. Gender is a harmful social construct that oppresses women and maintains patriarchy.”

    Hear, hear. Sparkliness, whether associated with ‘gender’ or not, is not my style, but I have no objection to other people enjoying it and getting together to put on sparkly outfits and frolic. In fact, I wish them joy! But enjoying dressing up in various ways does not change a person’s gender in the sense of how his or her sex is perceived by other people and the resulting expectations they will have of him or her. (ha, if only! It would be so great to be able to reduce my vulnerability to rape to male levels by changing my clothes or my ‘identity’)

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      • Yes, I support special, my kind of guy, I I say that with respect to his intelligence. I wish more “modern” feminist women thought like this! This was how we thought back in the 1970s, lesbians, gay men, effeminate straight men..we all had such fun being radical non conformists, gender rebels. There is nothing counter cultural about gender identity politics, it’s so conservative and conformist, it follows all the rules religiously.

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  4. “aren’t supportive of females who … want to have female-only spaces”

    That’s the part that I don’t get. Granted, when powerful people exclude others as a way of preventing access to advancement, that’s wrong. And maybe a few thousand years from now when women run the world and crap on everybody else in the manner of elites everywhere, female-only spaces could be a problem.

    But that’s not the world we live in. The current argle-bargle is more about, “I wanna be part of your treehouse! Waaa!”

    Fergawdsake, nobody’s stopping them from having their own groups. Nobody’s stopping them from joining many female-oriented groups where they’re welcome. The only problem is that not all female groups everywhere welcome them.

    It’s nuts to get worked up about that. It’s called the human condition. Some people don’t want me in their treehouse. So?

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  5. It’s funny how many times I’ve read or heard some version of “TERF bigots want to legislate trans people out of existence!” or “Trans people’s right to exist is not up for debate!” when comments like these show how much more likely the trans ideologues are to use language that hopes for extermination and extinction of anyone who disagrees with them.

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  6. So far in my travels I have noticed some interesting things..

    MTT, when arguing, will repeatedly post selfies or photoshops of themselves. Usually with a caption ‘eat your heart out’ or ‘I am so sexy’ ‘You want me but you can’t have me’ and so on.

    They are obsessed with persecution. Talk to them even once and they will accuse you of ‘stalking them for days’ and of ‘wanting to literally murder them’.

    And anyone who disagrees, on top of being a potential murderer, is also a combination TERF/conservative troll/sockpuppet

    How anyone can say this isn’t a mental illness is beyond me.

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  7. I’ve been so gobsmacked to discover these transactivist zealots have convinced otherwise intelligent people to stop using established words like man and woman, and to instead use ridiculous terms like “uterus-bearer” or “person with a penis.” How can they accuse us of biological essentialism when they’re the ones reducing people to walking sex organs and their associated functions? Those of us who oppose these zealots are only saying those are the physical markers designating biological sex, not that a man is a walking penis or a woman is nothing but a uterus.

    What does “feeling like a woman” even mean? I’ve never felt either female or male. I just feel like myself.

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    • Oh gawd. The patrons of the McDonald’s were gender policing her. She would have been unmistakably female as soon as she spoke, even though she looks masculine. What they were really trying to do is make a point to her that her appearance is unacceptable for a woman and therefore she should be in the men’s room. I bet people are already asking her when she’s going to transition. This is sexist and homophobic abuse.

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    • And by the way, fundamentalist transgenderism makes things worse for butch lesbians like her, because when anyone who appears masculine is considered legally male, then gender nonconforming women are automatically assumed to really be men even if they don’t identify as trans.

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      • Yep. This is what an ignorant SJW trans-ally had to say to someone:

        Look, lady. If it presents as a man, it belongs in the men’s room. If it presents as a woman, it belongs in the woman’s room. Where are you getting this “at birth” crap from? “At birth” someone else assigns you a sex, and you don’t know enough to know any different.
        In other words, if it has a beard it doesn’t belong in the ladies room. These laws pretend transmen don’t exist. It’s not about looking stereotypically “feminine.”
        You stated that most transwomen “don’t look feminine” but you aren’t qualifying what “looking feminine” means.
        I find your statement to be untrue. A man cannot simply put on a dress and declare himself a transwoman, if that’s what you’re trying to imply. They are not drag queens, they live as women. If you’re saying some of them make ugly or unfeminine women, then I have to agree. I also have to say some cis-het women make ugly or unfeminine women as well. They still present themselves as WOMEN.

        Being diagnosed as a person with gender dysphoria. Using a woman’s name, and legally changing one’s name to a woman’s name. Presenting oneself to others as a woman in ALL situations, including using the women’s bathroom. Wearing female clothing styles and footwear. Taking female hormones. Sometimes as far as surgery. It’s a process, and it’s not an easy process. It’s not as simple as a man waking up one day, and “deciding” he’s a woman, or vice-versa. Trans people have felt this way all their lives.

        This person is deeply confused.

        “Not all women look feminine or act feminine but trans women live as women by putting on women’s clothes and makeup but like it goes beyond that they live as women however if they don’t present as women kick them out of the woman’s bathroom”


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        • I don’t “present as a woman.” Right now I’m wearing jeans and a dark blue T shirt and I have short hair and no makeup. Is that “presenting as a woman?” I just AM a woman, regardless of how I present myself.

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        • Someone posted a great video on GenderTrender…I can’t find it now but basically it was from a UK comedy show circa 2006.

          The joke was that there was a panel of ‘transexuals’. One of the ‘women’ was a balding man who got SRS yet chose to live as a balding man in a suit. The other ‘woman’ claimed to ‘live as a woman’, and proof was provided in the form of ‘look, I am wearing lady’s sweatpants and tee-shirt’

          That skit was genius, wish I could find it again. It perfectly satirizes all of this sparkly gender bs!

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        • The confused ranty person you quoted repeated all of the ghastly things that some transwomen do, just put on a dress and make up and say they are a woman etc claiming trans women DON’T do that. They have it exactly wrong. I think this person was just lying.

          Also I have to mention the “assigned a sex at birth” crap! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 Argh! They shove this down our throats, they get people to repeat it. It’s utter bullshit. And it’s doing a lot of important work for the trans ideology. If people are assigned a sex at birth then yeah that process could go wrong. But it’s a process that they’ve totally invented and is a lie. And they stole it off of “intersex” people.

          Why put “intersex” in quotes? I’ve been reading up on intersex, haven’t finished yet. But they are not inter-. Their sex isn’t ambiguous. There’s like eight different things. Let’s see there’s androgen insensitivity, hypospadias, mixed tissue in your ovaries inside your body were they can’t be seen and micropenis. Maybe a couple other things. The only one that could be called ambiguous is some intersex people have a penis and a vagina. And in the documentary I saw that in they both were just men but who have a vagina. Or rather have an opening in the vagina place. It didn’t go into a whole lot of gooey biological detail. The documentary was about how intersex people have been screwed over by the medical establishment. Anyhow none of them have the so-called ambiguous genitalia. That term “intersex” is just sloppy and inaccurate.

          Bottom line, no one is “assigned” a sex. Even intersex people aren’t. Or at least not in jurisdictions where the crazy John Money process of turning babies with micropenis into fake girls is banned. “Assigning” them to a different sex from the one they were was a form of medical abuse carried out on a tiny number of people within the whole society. The particular surgery and drugs invented for that abuse is what transgender people seek. o-O

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        • Since apparently, “living as a woman” proves you are female. I’d like one of these guys to explain wtf “living as a woman” means exactly. Just for my amusement.

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        • “I also have to say some cis-het women make ugly or unfeminine women as well. ”

          I kind of lost the thread after this, if there was one.

          I am one of those women he is describing. I get mistaken for a man rather often (at first glance). I couldn’t successfully perform femininity even if I wanted to.

          But I obstinately remain a woman nonetheless. Just as these “transwomen” incontrovertibly remain men.

          If these guys’ real concern was how hard it is to be a gender nonconforming male (obviously it is)…. then they’d be fighting to overthrow stereotypical masculinity from within. “Fuck you, I can wear a dress and act femmy and still be a self-respecting male. I demand my rights as a human being: equal treatment and safety from harassment.”

          But that’s not what it’s about at all, is it?

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  8. Twice as many girls referred than boys for gender reassignment

    “” There is also a small number of girls who come forward because they have a “hatred” of the sexual characteristics of the female body, she added””

    Yeah. It makes more sense to blame a lesbophobic society for this rather than “oh look, all these people have man brains”

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    • AAAAARRRRGH!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠 “Dr Wren said in the past, more boys tended to come forward than girls, because girls found it easier to be “boyish” in what they wore or how they styled their hair…” THEY JUST ADMITTED THAT IT IS HARDER NOW FOR GIRLS TO BE BOYISH AND THAT’S WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!!!! Fucking enforcement of GENDER ROLES.

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  9. Sorry PSF.

    I feel compelled to share. I can stop if you want. This stuff is super upsetting. Speaking of this, I found a great comment on a random blog that I read. The woman said that she is very happy now that more people are seeing trans activism for what it really is. That it is based in misogyny. That she is afraid to speak out of fear of being labeled a bigot.

    What you say is true. And transgenderism only makes it harder for girls to be gnc. It only serves to reinforce gender stereotypes. Girls get the message that it is only permissible to be a girl if one is feminine. Thanks MTTs.
    That ignorant crap that I showed you earlier from that one commenter had me quite irritated. “If it has a beard, it belongs in the mens room”.

    Arghh! Basically, any butch lesbian who lifts weights will be questioned now if she enters a woman’s bathroom. Wtg trans-idiots.

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    • Women often grow beards due to ovarian conditions, also after menopause, many women’s faces get considerably hairier, especially if they are genetically hairy to begin with. Many women are very hursuit naturally, it’s NATURAL diversity in females, we are not all plucked chickens with Brazilian waxes looking like 9 year olds, we’re fucking animals, we have fucking hair on our bodies! Gender is a prison, a big conformist prison, rules, regulations, the ten fucking commandments. And the trans activists think they are so cutting edge, so modern, so 2016? They are more 1953, the 1920s were more outrageous than today in terms of gender non conformity, and let’s not forget all the women who stepped into every male professional during WW2. Put that in your “we’re so hip and modern and cutting edge” pipe and take a deep puff.

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      • These young guys brought up on porn would have a collective heart attack if they were beamed back to the days in the 70’s and even the 80’s when quite a few young women didn’t shave their armpit or leg hair… and above all – back then I never heard of any girl or woman getting rid of her pubic hair. What a grotesque fad that is.

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  10. Here you go.

    There are only two people spouting sense on that thread, the rest have bought into it all. One man does not buy that ‘penises are female’.

    There is a fresh blog post up on that site which is even more infuriating. I could barely bring myself to read the comments:

    “Men already assault women in bathrooms so let’s make it easier for them weeeeeeee” <—seems to be the general attitude.

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  11. Answers to the questions you have proposed
    1. What distinguishes Trans women from other women are their chromosomes (trans women posses a Y chromosome) and/or genitalia and other body organs, and possibly hormone levels, though changes to these things are often made. SEX may be ambiguous, as they chromosomes can never change, but genitalia and hormone levels are often altered. However, the trans woman’s GENDER was always, or at some point became female, as GENDER is what you identify as, while SEX is based on physiological factors. Even if there is no hormone replacement/sex reassignment surgery, ect, the GENDER is still female.
    2. They were born or began to identify at some point as women, but the SEX they were born with was male. The GENDER was always…or for a long time had been female, even though SEX they were born with was male. Their GENDER did not match their SEX.
    There are different ways to transition. Some hide the fact that the GENDER they identify with is different from the one they are treated as, and so they are transitioning from being addressed/ referred to as a man to being addressed/referred to as a woman. They are transitioning from one GENDER IDENTITY to another.
    Others choose to have their SEX (physiological factors) match their gender as closely as is possible with the current science/medical advances, so they undergo sex reassignment surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy so they can have no, or less body dysphoria, or feelings of distress that their physiological characteristics do not match their gender identity. These women are transitioning, medically, from one body type to another.
    3.No, we do not need a word for that, in my opinion, and we don’t have one. The words female and woman are not defined that way, as some females/women have hysterectomies or are infertile, thus they do not produce ova and cannot bear young. Also, women who go through menopause also do not this definition, but are still called women/females. The word we use for this is actually is a combination of words :”fertile female” or “woman who is capable of physical reproduction”.
    We do have words for different combinations of chromosomes someone possesses, such as XX, XY, and others that fall under the intersex category. XX is often referred to as female and XY male, with other combinations being referred to as intersex, but the words male and female are also used to refer to gender identity, which may not match chromosome type. I think it is best just to refer to the chromosome combinations as XX, XY, ect.
    4. A type of gender identity. Members of this gender identity are referred to by the pronouns she/her/herself/hers.


    • “(trans women posses a Y chromosome)” – I’ve heard of that combination before. Let me think, hmm, MEN yes MEN share that with “trans women”, isn’t that amazing? Is that just a coincidence?

      You are not BORN a gender.

      And what is this – “the trans woman’s GENDER was always, or at some point became female,” So it either is “ALWAYS”, which is fairly cemented as meaning ALL THE TIME, or it’s “at some point became” which is not ALL THE TIME, but a vague point in time and space when “the gender”, the female just pops right out. So it could be all the time, never, sporadic, at some point, occasionally, rarely or always? LOL I guess it leaves little room for argument when you cover all points in time and space.

      I’ll leave it up to other women to finish this off, I can’t take these things anymore..I am one of those women post menopause, apparently I can’t “produce ova and cannot bear young.” We are not BREEDING STOCK…Oh please, other women take this one on, it’s just too dumb to read through twice.

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      • SisterWomanFemaleXX

        And the genderfluid aka genderqueer REALLY ARE WOMEN (when they feel it) and REALLY ARE MEN (when they feel it)!

        And don’t you dare question their gender identity, you bad bad evil person!

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        • I admit Jessica, I am a bad, bad evil person, and I have probably caused a small village of gender enthusiasts to bite their fingernails to the quick, literally gnawed to the bone, writhing in sweaty pools of anxiety, triggered tortuously by the very air I expel from my lungs. Mwahhahahahah!!

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    • I stopped reading this lecture early on.

      “GENDER is what you identify as”

      I will assume you are a genetic male who wants everybody around you to agree that you are a woman – simply because you “identify” as a woman.

      Would you please explain why your self-identification should be considered more authentic than my self-identification?

      I identify as Napoleon.

      France and a good chunk of Europe should be handed over to me right away. And everyone around me must bow and scrape and call me Emperor of the French. And when I speak English, everyone must do their best to pretend that I have spoken French to them (even if they never learned English).

      If this is not immediately implemented, I will make a huge media stink and file a complaint everywhere possible and eventually threaten suicide.

      I think I am Napoleon. Therefore I am!

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  12. I read a number of blog networks to get an idea of what people are thinking. I really believe that a lot of women are either 1) mindlessly trumpeting trans dogma 2) afraid to speak up.

    On the same blog network from earlier, I came across this comment. This person is quite clearly conflicted, because she wants privacy, yet she cannot appear to be anti trans:

    My concern is the ‘nudity is NBD; get over it’ people. I don’t feel that anyone is entitled to see my naked body and I have no interest in seeing anyone else’s bits, either. If nudity is NBD, then how are ‘public indecency’ and ‘flashers’ illegal anymore? Because that’s NOT a wall I want broken down! How do we stop that kind of harassment from escalating if showing genitals in public is now legal? I don’t want to fix one problem while creating another one. And I don’t think it’s fair to say ‘this group of people are uncomfortable and at an increased risk, so the solution is to make a whole lot more people uncomfortable and place them all at increased risk”.

    I’m not promoting gender segregation; I’m talking about privacy…for anyone who may want it, from any gender or any sex. I want to be able to inhabit public spaces without having to see others’ genitals (or show mine) as part of the deal. And I’m sure there are trans people who feel the same way. I know that women who are raped are often blamed for ‘asking for it’ even when fully clothed; how much more so will this be the case when ‘she was parading around naked in front of me what did she expect’ has to be a concern?! And I know this isn’t a woman-only problem, because rape is about power. So, I’m certainly not going to be ok with it when the proposed solution is for (possibly erect) naked penises of Alpha Males to be totes expected and something I have to factor into my day. It’s not like they don’t have a tendency to physically intimidate when fully-clothed anyway. I skipped out on gym because I wasn’t comfortable changing in a room full of people – even if all our bits were similar. I know several people of all genders who did the same. So how are we going to tell teenagers that ‘their bodies are their own’ when they are forced to get naked in front of the bullies and pervs that creep on them all the time?! And it seems like the ‘nudity is NBD’ people really think that this ‘solution’ just will not pose problems, at all, for anyone (and screw the prudes who wouldn’t want to participate).

    I’m all for ‘use whatever bathroom you need’, I’m all for having a ‘unisex’ or ‘gender neutral’ space for those who don’t feel comfortable choosing one or the other (especially in saunas and changing rooms and the like), but I am NOT on board with ‘let’s all get naked together to break down these walls’. If that’s prudish then so be it. I’m not willing to sacrifice anyone’s safety for another’s preference (especially with proposed ‘solutions’ that put a whole lot of people in an especially vulnerable position while relying on nothing but the manners of others who have shown time and again that they don’t have them). That means I’m not willing to sacrifice the safety of trans people, and I’m not willing to sacrifice the safety of everyone not cis-het-alpha-male. We have to find a way to protect everyone and I think that includes more privacy, not less.

    A trans man just replied to her, with this:

    I’m curious though: since same-sex nudity is permitted in locker rooms, what would you say to a cis-woman who says she doesn’t want trans women in the women’s locker room because she doesn’t want to see a penis? The one thing that makes me uncomfortable about what you’re saying is that it seems to imply that a person’s right to not see genitals they don’t want to see could be construed to trump a trans person’s right to be in the gendered space they belong in. I’m don’t know if that’s what you’re saying though so I’d love a clarification.

    I eagerly await to see how she answers. “same-sex nudity’. Yeah. Penises are not ‘same sex nudity as people with vaginas’. Just saying.

    Notice the conflation of sex and gender? Women only spaces are SEX segregated not GENDER segregated. FFS.

    One other thing that I have noticed, observing various MTTs. They hate being reminded that they have a dick.Anyone who states that ‘if you have a dick, stay out of the woman’s change room’ will be tarred and feathered as the next Hitler.


    • I agree that the person you quoted seems to be extremely (and understandably) reluctant to make the distinction between gender and sex. What a shame. The transcult-required doublespeak does not allow the expression of even mildly dissenting opinions, which I’m sure is why it’s required.

      Regarding MTTs not wanting to be reminded they have a dick, I wish I could remember the name of the trans woman who posted about this, since that post would be perfect for this occasion. She is someone who transitioned decades ago. In her post, she said when the question of locker rooms came up she thought it was a massive overreaction by non-trans people because MTT folks are so uncomfortable with the whole penis thing that they wouldn’t be caught dead getting naked in a locker room. The issue of the women in the locker room having to see a penis would never come up because the transitioning person would never let it happen. This poster, though, went on to say that she is appalled that trans culture has changed so much she has been shown to be wrong, that there really truly exist transitioning males who would change in a women’s locker room, and loudly defend their “right” to do so. She considered this obviously ridiculous in itself, and in addition she considered it harmful to the cause of gaining acceptance for trans people. And she’s likely right; from what I’ve seen it looks like a large majority of people posting on gender critical sites are in favour of civil rights for trans people but do not consider males changing clothes in a women’s locker room to be a civil right.

      As a data point of my own, I was visiting San Francisco in the early 1990s and met up with some friends who were also visiting, one of whom was a trans woman in mid-transition (so male, with penis and breasts). At one point I caught myself about to suggest we all go to the women’s bathhouse, and then stopped myself. “Yeah,” my trans woman friend said, “that might give people too much of a surprise.” “Yeah, sorry, I didn’t think that through”, I said. “How about the diner on [whatever] St?”. In other words, she had the same idea that that trans poster had, that one didn’t disrupt women’s nude spaces with surprise penises. She didn’t mention whether she was uncomfortable with her genitalia or not, but either way, consideration for other people won out. And yes, that was before the ridiculous “female penis” idea.

      The change in trans culture from trans people wanting to live well and get along in the world to trans people and their shrieking allies wanting to define other people’s reality and insist they play along is not a good thing. I find it hard to believe that decent trans people have somehow all vanished. But I think not only that the violent-speaking narcissists are much louder than the decent people who want to transition, but that nowadays the ones inclined to be decent have to swim against a loud and strong tide encouraging them to be obnoxious jerks in the name of social justice.

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      • Really informative post J N, thank you.

        The ‘female penis’ thing is really quite mystifying. I think that a lot of it comes down to the fact that ‘transsexuals’ today are actually autogynephiles. They want to keep their dicks, they want to coerce lesbians into piv sex, and they want to engage in exhibitionism.

        Ordinary trans people, the transxuals of the past, just wanted to live their lives, and still do.

        The transvestite fetishists are straight men who get off on dressing as women, and exposing themselves to women.

        One thing that really made me start thinking about the narcissistic exhibitionism angle was Lila Perry. I was looking through the last few years of various gender critical blogs, and there was a photo of him wearing a thin satin skirt with penis poking through. Also, he refused to use a gender neutral bathroom set up just for him – he demanded access to the girl’s bathroom, anything else was ‘dehumanizing”

        Also, another point about what is wrong with ‘trans women are women’. That keeping male bodied persons out of women’s spaces = discrimination. What this means is, women will be prevented from forming their own safe spaces. They will be required by law to *always* let trans women with the swinging dicks into their safe spaces.

        Anyways, these autogynephile idiots are only going to ruin it for the trans movement as a whole. Just wait, one day the USA will get it’s own Christopher Hambrook, sexually assaulting women in a safe space. And the Republicans will make hay.

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      • I agree with this post completely. I know a number of gay men, gender nonconforming men, and I know *of* genuine transsexuals who have a modicum of respect for actual women. One of them I met while he was doing a fundraiser to promote girls’ education and businesses in developing countries. He was very aware of the sex-based oppression of women and passionately opposed it. Unfortunately, he also was a supporter of the T in LGBT. I honestly think he just hasn’t reached peak trans yet, or hasn’t met the men with “lady sticks.” Anyway, I think that the autogynephiles are a minority that have particularly loud voices and, when their voices get too loud, they will start to meet more opposition. Lots of people, including LGBs, were suckered into trans activism in order to support gays and be a good liberal. But that won’t last forever, especially as the original LGBs and transsexuals increasingly get thrown under the bus.

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    • By the way, I personally don’t want to see either men or women naked, to any degree, in any capacity, in public. Yes, I have seen, and drawn, nude art in a college art class. Yes, I am a professional care giver who, out of necessity, sees naked people of both sexes all the time. It’s not that I cannot be mature or professional about it when it happens, just that if I have the ability to avoid the exposure, I will. And I don’t celebrate getting naked or revealing for “empowerment.” Big difference. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a prude, but like the woman in the featured comment, drawing up any boundaries at all, not being 100% sex or nude positive gets you labeled a prude. Which I could deal with. But it goes beyond accusations and name calling and forcefully violating boundaries in real life, as well as having a complete lack of consideration for manners or decency in public. It’s common sense to me, that in our culture and many other cultures, you don’t expose your private areas unless you really have to when out in public. When you do, business owners have the right to request that you do so in a designated area (like a locker room) and that you follow basic rules while in there to be considerate of other patrons. Nope. Trans activists have no interest in that. Rules don’t apply to them.
      I can handle a lot of character flaws, but a sense of entitlement stumps me every time.

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    • That just mystifies me. I thought gender was special, unique and totally up to the person possessing it? That;s typical trans logic anyway. If a man presenting as masculine has the right to “identify” as a butch woman with a woman’s brain (sexist, ouch!), why can’t an actual butch woman identify as such? It’s her identity that she chose for herself, is recognized in, and unlike the former example, it’s in touch with reality.

      Oh, I forgot, she’s a woman and a lesbian. Fuck her. Only straight men have the luxury of naming their oppression, even when it’s imaginary…

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  13. There is no “transgender” just like there is no “transracial.” It’s an impossibility, period. One, gender, is a scientific binary fact. The other, “race,” is a social construct. A man with breast implants and a “pseudo-vaj” isn’t a woman. A person with pale skin getting bronzers and hair extensions and dressing in dashikis isn’t “Black” or “African.”
    Just my $0.02, at least…

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  14. “I’m so sorry that [you] are allowed to exist in the world.”

    Now that’s very interesting. He wishes the authorities would rub out you and anyone who thinks like you. End your existence. In other words you should all cease to live, by some sort of official decree….

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