Lezbian Links 04/08/2016

Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too — a documentary by the Lesbian Avengers.

Edited by two Avengers, videomaker Janet Baus, and experimental filmmaker, Su Friedrich, The Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too offers a rare insiders’ look at the New York group’s first year, from their initial groundbreaking demo in front of an elementary school in ’92 to the incredible Dyke March in DC, where the Avengers ate fire in front of the White House, cheered on by an enormous crowd.

Stone Butch Blues 20th Anniversary Author’s Edition now available! Download in PDF from Feinberg’s website.

15 Ways To Spot A Lesbian According To Some Really Old Medical Journals from Autostraddle.


2 thoughts on “Lezbian Links 04/08/2016

  1. “Deficient in natural female shyness” HAHAHAHA! If you don’t have CRIPPLING SHYNESS….you might love the ladies….
    “Emotionally unstable women are…fantastic in the sack. They’re self-loathing translates to. …nevermind”
    Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
    Yep, insecurity in women is a major turn-on for guys, wonder why….

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