How to do activism wrong

From Daily Mail:

Feminist comedian’s charity gig sabotaged by opponents who booked tickets en masse and then didn’t turn up, leaving just eight people in the audience because of her ‘transphobic, whorephobic and Islamaphobic’ views

“A feminist comedian performed to just eight people after opponents bought tickets to the university charity gig en masse then didn’t up in protest to political comments made in the past.

Kate Smurthwaite’s The Wrong Kind of Feminist show at Goldsmiths College was fully booked but she fell victim to an ‘organised boycott’ over ‘transphobic, whorephobic and Islamophobic’ views.

The group that claims to have blocked the gig, to raise money for Refugee Aid, said it was a peaceful protest over her ‘abhorrent views’, but Ms Smurthwaite says they refuse to state what views they mean.”

This is absolutely appalling, and please read the entire article to find out exactly how appalling it is. Kate Smurthwaite was raising money for refugees. When anti-free-speech idiots shut down a charity gig that is raising money for refugees, that is the opposite of activism. What Smurthwaite was doing was activism—she was raising actual money for people who need it. Shutting down good activism because you disagree with the activist on a few things is just cowardly and counter-productive.

These people who protest against nonsense phobias think they’re on the left, which just makes me want to tear all my hair out. The left should be overthrowing capitalism, not bullying feminists over daft disagreements.

When did disagreeing become a crime? Since when did disagreements require no-platforming? I am very opinionated myself, and I’m quite sure that I’m right about everything. But that doesn’t mean that I have to shut down people who disagree with me. Disagreement is how you learn and how you refine your opinions and your arguments. There are lots of people I disagree with and I like hearing their opinions anyway, because I learn from them.

You can’t stop offensive speech. I remember when Julie Bindel was no-platformed one time for being “offensive,” she remarked that she is offended at least 100 times a day, and there doesn’t seem to be anybody going around making sure she isn’t offended by anything. I’m offended all the time too! Even my own friends offend me. But I don’t no-platform anybody or accuse people of meaningless “phobias” or demonize people because I’m an adult, and I’m capable of thinking for myself and explaining my point of view. And I know that if I wanted to make sure I was never offended ever again, I would have to check myself into solitary confinement.

Intelligent people consider the opinions of their opponents in order to understand them, so they can refine their own arguments and explain why they disagree. If anyone takes a close look at Kate Smurthwaite’s opinions, they’ll find out she isn’t the least bit hateful at all.

They’re bullying her because they’re idiotic cowards, and in the process they are embarrassing themselves and the entire left.


9 thoughts on “How to do activism wrong

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  2. Some of the examples in that article read like satire. They are just so over the top over-sensitive. The left is just getting so silly that I don’t even want to call myself a leftist anymore. There such a lack of discernment in the younger radicals about what things really mean and which struggles actually matter. There is so much time and energy wasted on getting ones feelings hurt over words. You’d be forgiven for thinking the real struggles must all be over and won. They will self-righteously go to bat for religious fanatics and condemn anyone who points this out as racist. They just don’t understand that oppression can also be perpetrated by the oppressed. They live in a world that is either/or good or bad. There is no room for nuance in their dichotomies. I posit they are in for a rude awakening when 20 years hence they are forced to live in the reality they are creating. It’s already happening. The handmaidens and the SJWs (often one and the same) are making their own bed and one day they will wake up in it.

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    • Truth! Hear ye, hear ye! I have been dogpiled, insulted, and accused relentlessly over the years (and not just by young people either) for using the wrong language, having the wrong opinions and having the wrong feelings. The conversation devolves almost immediately into memes, strawmen, and text speak while the real, important issue goes unaddressed. I disavowed myself of the feminist label for years as a result.

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