The Adult Baby Story

This is brilliant, please read.


One thought on “The Adult Baby Story

  1. WTF? Are gender clinics really accepting adult baby identities? Really? This is more than porn asked of us, at least for the last decade or so. I’ve been a zero porn dude for quite a few years now, so I may be a little bit out of touch. And I like it that way.

    I guess I should have expected it. The Canadian government funded the Stefonknee videos. So now we have what used to be a carefully documented and disclaimed niche porn fetish made into the highest progressive struggle of enlightened people. Yep, you gotta take your daughters to see Stefonknee’s dick in the locker room. Doing so is the height of progressive thought. What’s the problem? Stefonknee is six years old and her “dickvulva” is only a little bit bumpier than what similar age girls have. Little girls who are scared of “her” are transphobes. And their moms are TERFs

    When public policy goes beyond what pornographers asked of us, what recourse do we have?

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