Transwomen get “emotional periods”

So here is a video where an MtT explains that trans women get periods, sort of. Not the bloody kind, but the kind where you feel emotional and crave chocolate.

Right near the beginning he says, “do trans girls get periods? No, but yes,” and then he giggles, presumably imitating a girl. (He is an adult.)

This video is rather fascinating, in a train wreck sort of way. The things he says are ridiculous, and the way he tries to imitate female speech makes it even worse. He does a speech pattern that I call “valley girl” although in the accents thread Miep brought to my attention that valley girl is a regional accent in California and not necessarily the speech I’m referring to. What I mean is he says the word “like” all the time and his sentences go up in pitch at the end like a question. In my area we call this “valley girl,” but if you have another name for it let me know. Anyway this is not the way adult women speak. It sounds like he’s trying to imitate a teenager.


37 thoughts on “Transwomen get “emotional periods”

  1. Some enterprising woman should start a service to help these men get in touch with their feminine side by showing up once month unannounced and kicking them in the balls. Probably a market for that.

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  2. Yeah a “transgirl” said the other day that he was oppressed just like womyn in every single way.

    So he was asked if he lives in fear of pregnancy. If he is worried about not being able to abort due to the abortion clinic closures in the USA. If he is concerned at all about bleeding to death from post partum hemorrhage should he get pregnant.

    No no, he really is oppressed like women in “every way” just not this way! Unwanted pregnancy is not a way in which he is oppressed as a woman but that does not count.

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    • Well a lot of women don’t live in fear of pregnancies, you just have not to sleep with a man for that. It’s not like if we could randomly get pregnant. Lesbians, single women, sterile women, menopaused women are not any less of a woman.


      • @Callixte

        you wrote: Well a lot of women donโ€™t live in fear of pregnancies, you just have not to sleep with a man for that. Itโ€™s not like if we could randomly get pregnant. Lesbians, single women, sterile women, menopaused women are not any less of a woman.

        He said that he was oppressed just like a woman in *every single way*

        And it is a fact that women are oppressed primarily because, as a class, they have the ability to bear children. They are used as sextoys and babymaking machines. In Muslim nations, especialy, women exist for *Pleasure and profit*. The pleasure and profit of men who literally own them.

        Women are the breeding and the sex class according to patriarchal thought. So no, an MTT *never* has to worry about pregnancy *should* he have sex. An MTT never has to worry about pregnancy *should* he be raped. An MTT never has to worry about being expected to exist as a sextoy or a babymaker.

        THAT was my point. I was most emphatically *not* invoking a gender essentialist argument. Women as a class have been oppressed throughout history because of their biology. No MTT has ever had to worry about that.

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      • The % of women who can get pregnant (or could at one time) is in the high 90%s. By mentioning lesbians, etc, you ignore the fact that not all sex is wanted or consensual; rape is committed by men. Male-to-trans does not live with this oppression related to actual or expected reproductive function— ever.

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        • Those that can get pregnant – especially those who don’t through choice, are further oppressed by being unable to have an abortion because of laws made by (mostly), men. Forced reproduction. They will never know that sort of oppression. Ever. Bodies forced to go through permanent change. And the whole labour process at the end of it, and the hormone upheaval after (let alone lactation/breast engorgement) . Gah…makes my blood boil.


  3. Hey purplesagefem, I really like your roundup of ‘wtf trans’ stories. Entertaining reading. There is a new blog called ‘the orbit’ that is full of ridiculous transgendered persons and activists. You might want to keep an eye on it for future stories.

    One such story:

    The more and more that I think about it, transgenderism has very strong roots in lesbophobia and homophobia. That ‘angelica’ person that I told you about the other day is a self-hating gay man. Brags about how he is so sexy, so much is sexier than women with their’ fish holes’ and how he only f*cks straight guys. In fact, this ‘transgirl’ has to beat the straight guys off with a stick! “She’ is just so sexy! He hates women because he cannot be one. Because he’s a guy who likes guys, and this causes no small amount of self-hate. So he has to pretend to be a ‘girl’, and in order for him to accept the illusion others must too. Hence the constant, abusive need for validation.*

    Transness only reinforces gender stereotypes and makes it tougher for gay folk who do not always conform to those stereotypes

    The T is fundamentally anti gay. Men cannot be femme and women cannot be butch. The T is about 1950s ideas of how gender should be performed.

    Gay men are murdered in Iran unless they conform and become MTF. And in some countries, women are only allowed to refuse marriage and motherhood if they live as men.

    The T is profoundly anti-gay.

    (Thanks to your insights regarding transgenderism and lesbophobia. I did not see it before)

    *Speaking of which, I had a conversation with someone the other day who told me that lesbians should be having sex with transpenises because lesbians have an obligation to respect the *identities* of MTTs.

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  4. Would this dude in drag be willing to suffer the dysmenorrhea I have? There were many times I spent the entire first day of my period incapacitated, lying in bed in the dark, coming out of both ends, in such agony. It was so bad I had to leave school early about once every six months, until it began happening every month my senior year of high school. Even now that I’m dependent upon naproxen sodium and a heating pad, I still can get bad cramps.

    A young woman I follow on YouTube, a period vlogger who’s usually pretty intelligent and informative, has a video about how to stimulate a period for “transgender women.” Who in blazes wants to waste the time and resources mixing pretend blood, putting it on a pad, and then wearing the soiled pad for hours? That’s also a gross waste of sanitary napkins which could go to deserving young women in Africa.

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    • It could be considered as some kind of exercise in empathy with women, I suppose, if they also simulated the cramps and nausea and headaches and stuff.
      Just wearing slimy, icky pads is a bit of an easy way out … well, that and the fact that they don’t want to know how a woman feels in order to be more understanding the next time a woman tells them how bad her period is, they just want the illusion that they know what women feel like to feed their own egos. (And more likely than not will use the “knowledge” as justification to show less empathy, not more)

      I hope your period gets better. Mine got worse, but who knows … yours might do the reverse. (I’ll research what could have caused this change. It is so random and weird. Like, I never got headaches before, and now I do. Maybe it’s because my body produces less estrogen now … or maybe it’s just the aging process. I hope it isn’t)

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        • Yeah, I’ve never once had PMS or cramps or headaches or anything. It is a myth that this is somehow a universal female experience. Bloating and pain are often dietary, too much salt.


        • I suspect some of it must be due to nutrition, lack of magnesium might worsen the cramps, for example. I once got bad pain, then that stopped, and was was rather lucky most of the time (not much emotional symptoms, either) and then, recently, the headaches started.

          There’s not enough research on this. Presumably it is because the medical profession is of the opinion that women deserve to suffer.

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  5. I think the problem is that men are seen as the norm, and historically men have been nearly 100% of research subjects. Women are seen as “junior men” but it is becoming clear that we react differently to medications and sometimes have different symptoms, examples are Ambien and heart attack symptoms.

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  6. Two very telling phrases they used:
    “People who have female bodies.” … we’re all just people here, right?
    “Transwomen and non-transwomen.” … What an interesting linguistic turnabout! (sarcasm mode engaged) Well, I guess we should just back up our bags and go home, girls. Not only are we non-men, but we’re also non-transwomen.

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  7. I’ve come across this post after doing a search about transwomen and periods. I use a menstrual / fertility tracker app, and tonight I was alerted to a discussion in the forum. Essentially it was a transwomen who had decided to announce to all the women using the app that they experience “hormonal periods”.

    They proceeded to mansplain what a period is and how cramps have little to do with the uterus but more to do with surrounding abdominal muscles. I was parts irritated and saddened at the amount of women politely sidestepping the fact that this guy has never experienced menstruation, never will, and rushing to accommodate him by saying how enlightened they felt, and how pretty he looks!!

    So absurd. It honestly felt like a bunch of women pandering to the fantasies of a child.

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