The Oldest Lesbian In the World (film)

When I signed out Forbidden Love from the library, beside it was a film called The Oldest Lesbian in the World, and I had never heard of it but I signed it out too. We just finished watching it and it was amazing! It’s an interview with a 96 year old butch lesbian and she is the coolest woman. She talks about all her previous lovers, of which there are many, and she makes the most hilarious comments. She talks about how she used to pick up girls, which was never difficult for her, and she shows lots of old photos of her previous lovers. When the interviewer picks up a certain picture and asks if she was ever with her, she says “No—I’d never go to bed with a butch.” My partner and I laughed our heads off at that. She never says anything negative at all about lesbian life—if she was ever subject to homophobia she doesn’t mention it. She is a very happy and feisty woman who is still lesbianing at age 96. If you get a chance to watch this film, please do! Here’s the trailer on Youtube:


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