Everyone is queer!

This article has been making the rounds:

Less Than 50% of Teens Identify as Straight, Says New Study

“A new study by trend forecasting agency J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group found that only 48 percent of 13-20-year-olds identify as “exclusively heterosexual,” compared to 65 percent of millennials aged 21 to 34.

On a scale of zero to six, where zero signified “completely straight” and six meant “completely homosexual,” more than a third of the young demographic chose a number between one and five, indicating that they were bisexual to some degree. Only 24 percent of their older counterparts identified this way.”

This scale of 0 to 6 is the Kinsey scale, by the way. I have mixed feelings about this report. My friends are generally laughing at it because “look at all the special snowflakes,” but I think it’s possible that these teens are telling the truth. It’s very hard to get scientific evidence of sexual orientation because it’s so subjective, but it’s true that lots of straight people have that one experience with someone of the same sex and maybe people are giving it more weight than they used to. It’s hard to say where to draw the line around bisexuality. Does a Kinsey 1 or a Kinsey 5 count as a bisexual, even though it was only one or two experiences outside of their usual behaviour? (I would say no.) Does one have to be right in the middle to be bisexual? (I would say yes, but that’s open to debate.) Traditionally I believe that most people identified as straight even if they were a Kinsey 1 or 2, and now it looks like more of those people are identifying as bisexual (or pansexual or whatever).

I struggle with this a bit myself. I am a Kinsey 4 — “predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.” I would guess that a Kinsey 4 would generally identify as bisexual, and perhaps I should. It’s complicated because even though I used to do a lot of things with men, I never really got much out of it, and I never felt the feelings that I feel for women. There is no doubt that I much prefer women over men, and that I’ll never be with a man again, so I call myself lesbian. It seems to make the most sense.

I’m not prepared to dismiss these survey respondents as “special snowflakes” who are trying to be cool by not being straight when I know it’s pretty complicated.

“When it comes to gender, over a third of Generation Z (as I guess we have to call them now)  strongly agreed that gender did not define a person as much as it used to—only 28 percent of millennials felt similarly. Over half, 56 percent, of Gen Z said that they knew someone who went by gender neutral pronouns such as “they,” “them,” or “ze,” compared to 43 percent of people 28 to 34.”

The thing about “gender doesn’t define a person like it used to” is really vague and I’m not going to pay much attention to it. But check this out—over half of Gen Z knows someone who goes by gender neutral pronouns. The next generation is pretending that human biology doesn’t exist and that loads of people are neither male nor female, despite their actual sexed bodies. I wonder how this will play out?


7 thoughts on “Everyone is queer!

  1. In the the US what I think will happen will be law suits leveled against Planned Parenthood and other women’s clinics who provide testosterone on demand and against therapists, the majority of whom will be women who meant well who signed off on papers allowing access to medical services that the patient now regrets and has permenant damage from.
    The APA will wash it hands of it all by declaring transgenderism not a disorder, which will result in transition related medical services not covered by insurance, like other elective cosmetic surgeries.
    There’s going to be massive backlash against trans and those who are going to get hit will be gnc people, expect to hear about more cases of women getting bashed and thrown out of public bathrooms for not doing female right ( sarcasm). As shit gets ugly, expect a wave of anti feminist MTTS to reinvent themselves as anti feminist ex MTTS who will be saturating the media with their lurid tales about how feminists made them hate themselves so much as men that they were forced into becoming trans ( the forced feminization fantasy with a regretters twist) and how they learned how awful women really were by living as MTTs.
    the trans are the establishment now, they are The Man, so kids will rebel, but I think it will be reactionary and result in ridgid sex roles maintained with the usual bashings.
    Basically I think the trans clown car is going to go off the cliff but the drivers,the heterosexual crossing dressing men who have made lgbt rights solely about penis rights, they will jump out at the last minute but gay and lesbian rights and women’s rights are tied to that death mobile and going to get dragged off the cliff.
    I think we will still retain gender neutral language that does things like gut violence against women acts that make it about violent people and not men and men still sue and win women only spaces and organizations that try to focus only on women.
    That’s what I see happening, that and a ” true transsexual” movement starting that will be both anti transgender and anti homosexual.

    Hope I’m wrong.z

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    • The bathroom issue is distinct in that one does not generally have to provide identification in order to use a public bathroom. People who argue for legislating about it are overlooking the fact that the police are not our friends, and have a habit of discriminating against both rebellious women and people of color.

      Creating new police powers is always a dodgy proposition. But the adulteration of language in existing legislation is inexcusable too.

      I agree with you that there is a very real danger of backlash against homosexuals because of the excesses of the transgender community. I don’t know what to do about this other than keep making it clear that transgenderism and homosexuality are completely different things. Every time I see “LGBT” I cringe inwardly.

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  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about age recently. The other day, I contacted a new client to discuss scheduling issues and wound up assuring her that I also am a “grown up woman” which made her more comfortable and eager to work with me. (Speaking of intersections of oppression ageism+misogyny=She was nervous to even try lessons because previous private lessons had been such an impossible situation that she left.)

    As for identities, I’m not sure that I’m in a place to comment. My own identity is complex and evolving. The Kinsey scale is a rough approximation at best of a complex subject. As you mentioned experience does not necessarily equate to desire. The one thing I would point out as someone who for many years has lived a chaste existence, is that the popular idea of “Hearts not parts” is a mess. Desire is an embodied thing, and I wonder how many of these kids will have the time and language to discover who they are and what they really want.

    Because postmodernism has gutted the language to describe the embodied experience of desire as well as the embodied experiences of women. Everyone (but especially every woman) is expected to have an openness to anything in a way that doesn’t reflect that people react differently to different things. I’d LOVE to see the breakdown by sex.

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  3. Pretending human biology doesn’t exist is conservative, I would say. The whole business of hiding menstruation or seeing it as icky is very repressive and trans activists surely did not invent this. I don’t see male transgenders talking about their genitals as icky so much as their rebranding them as female, aside from the rare ones with severe body dysphorias.

    And what better way to pretend human biology doesn’t exist than to excise it and replace it with artifices?

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  4. I think it will play out with all female only space being banned as hateful to trannies and young women being sucked into experiences with men they otherwise would not have consented to, had they grown up in a society that acknowledged biology. Almost everything that I can think of with women and girls being erased is bad. In fact, women and girls being erased is inherently bad. At least it should be, if you’re a feminist.

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  5. Hey! Another Kinsey 4 lesbian here 🙂 I agree with what youre saying, especially about people calling themselves not-straight more than before. I believe that a lot of that can be attributed to more awareness and more people willing to explore the non-heteronormative option (hey, it worked for me!)
    This kind of makes me think about the word “partner” for some reason. Like, that word gives me the heebie-jeebies. I won’t call my girlfriend or wife “partner” ever, I don’t say on my dating profile that I’m looking for a partner. It feels like a word straight people get to use for 2 reasons: 1) giving them a word to call our relationships that isn’t “like theirs” (they get girlfriends and wives, we get “partners”). 2) having a “cool word” to call their *~super queer~* het relationship.
    So yeah, straight people piss me off lol. First they don’t want to fight for our rights at all, then they want to walk a pride parade *~no homo~*.

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