Man in drag claims to have slept with “gold star lesbians”

The commenter Carrie-Anne just told me about the YouTube video channel called Girlfriends TV, which is run by lesbians and is rather light and fluffy and sex-pozzie. They have a video called Would You Date a Lesbian With a Penis? in which they interview a man in drag who is very careful to speak in a womanly voice and hide his man hands while he says some preposterous things about being a “lesbian” with a penis.

For example, he says “I’ve been with women who are bisexual, lesbians who were with men prior, but that isn’t always the case. I’ve been with a few gold-star lesbians as well.”

What?!?! How is it possible that a man has been with a gold-star lesbian? A gold star lesbian is a lesbian who has never touched dick. Fucking hell, he is so delusional. I’m gonna go ahead and say something really twanzphobic here: a man with a desire to sleep with gold-star lesbians is a gross, rapey asshole who likes to violate women’s boundaries.

As for “lesbians who were with men prior,” I meet this particular criteria. I used to date men but after finding that they never could satisfy me and I never fell in love with them, and also that they were insufferable fucking douchebags, I quit trying. I chose to have a female partner and I always will have a female partner. I would definitely not date this guy. The only thing I can think of that would be worse than being with a man again after discovering I prefer women is being with a delusional man who believes himself to be a woman.

If this man has actually had sex with lesbians who know they aren’t into men, then my heart breaks for those women. They may have been groomed to think that it’s “transphobic” to refuse a tranwoman “lesbian” and accepted a sex act with a person who does not actually fit their sexual orientation. This is abuse.

This video created by lesbians grooms other lesbians into believing they should accept men in their dating pool and in their sex lives. It is absolutely heartbreaking that the lesbian community is doing this to itself. I’m reading about the history of lesbians right now and it has been one long struggle the whole time, where men in positions of power have constantly tried to gas-light lesbians into thinking that their sexual orientation is sick or perverted and that they can only find true happiness with men. This transgenderism crap is more of the same abuse against lesbians.

All lesbians have the right to refuse dick. In fact, so do all women.


17 thoughts on “Man in drag claims to have slept with “gold star lesbians”

  1. The unmitigated voyeurism and exhibitionism in our culture makes me sick. When I was still living out my own abuse, I participated. These days, I try to insulate myself as much as possible.

    Too many people still live abusive/abused lives and don’t even realize it. Sometimes I want to scream at women,”he doesn’t care if you live or die!” There are so many people in relationships completely contingent upon hetero-sex. Stop agreeing with him, stop having sex and see how much he respects you then.

    I think a lot of women realize that their value is in their willingness to be a sex-object which is why they’ll vehemently defend their right to be one. They know on some level that if they don’t surrender they’ll die.

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  2. There was one of these pretendbians who commented on twitter that he had decided he was a cis woman, as in “I have decided I am this term we use to differentiate women from men who say they are women.” lol

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  3. Arielle has come close to peak trans and has verged on TERF-dom. Each time she has been disciplined and brought back in line. She makes her living off her video channel, thus she is vulnerable and caves every time.

    And why the hell should it matter to a lesbian or anyone else whether a male who imagines himself a woman has had his balls cut off or has had a transgina made out his inverted penis? Do they really think any lesbian would really want the frankengina? Oh yeah, they know their transginas are totally unappealing except to niche fetishist “straight” men.

    OK, so I’m a straight dude, but if I were marooned on an island with a regular dude and a transgina M2T I’d rather suck dick than face the horror of the frankengina. Yep, I’d pick situational homosexuality over gender identity coupled with any amount of surgical modifications.

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  4. I think there is also the distinct possibility that this particular individual is lying. Control freaks and abusers also tend to be pathological liars and vice versa. But the lies do serve an agenda, which is to convince lesbians–mostly young, vulnerable lesbians who are still anxious for community “approval”–to think that “nobody” has objections to sleeping with men these days, even Gold Stars, so get with the program, you little terfy bitch.

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