Look what “queer” means now!

I have been watching with interest the evolution of the word queer. At some point this word meant gay, but it clearly has nothing to do with homosexuality any more. It doesn’t seem to have any coherent meaning at all, but it does have something to do with wearing cool outfits. Anyway, in the latest article du jour about brave men who bravely put on the stereotypes of femininity and bravely start calling themselves women, there is a fantastic definition of what queer means.

“Queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality for another world.”

Wow, the meaning of “queer” has gone past poetic and has become downright philosophical! Queer isn’t just a cool outfit anymore, now it’s an existential position on life expressed through a cool outfit. We boring cissies will never measure up to this level of sophistication!

You know, I actually agree with this definition. Judging by how people are actually using the word queer, I’d say it does mean a rejection of the actual world we live in and an insistence upon fictional ideas.

Once again, I’d have to say that I’m definitely not “queer.” I’m just a regular, boring lesbian who lives in reality and can’t be bothered to express my inner specialnes by wearing the right clothes and hairstyle.


11 thoughts on “Look what “queer” means now!

  1. Downright incomprehensible is more like it. Oy, it reminds me of my teenage years when everybody was experimenting with different identities. Frankly, I don’t care what I’m called as long as I’m treated like a person. I remember when alternative really was different from the mainstream. Now it seems like the mainstream is more of a free-for-all and the only way to stand out is by NOT standing out or vying for time in the oh-so-coveted spotlight. Stuff like this just makes me want to draw the blinds and hide out from society all together.

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  2. This is the clearest definition of queer I have ever found in my entire life even though its unfortunately in an anti-Bindel piece in a so-called progressive magazine:

    —“Queer” does not mean “into kinky sex”. “Queer” has never meant “into kinky sex”. Once used as a slur against gay people, “queer” refers to anybody who is not straight. Because LGBTQII is a mouthful, and because it still doesn’t encompass everybody, and because many of us believe that a wildly diverse group of people united behind a cause is not an “unholy alliance” but a force to be reckoned with.—


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  3. However, there are a million definitions of queer and as Bindel has mentioned, some do indeed include BDSM crap, different “gender expression” aka ways of wearing your clothes and grooming and a whole shitload of other definitions but most of all I see writers too afraid to define it for fear that one weirdo will feel left out. The problem with this definition of queer from the anti-Bindel blogger is that it includes anyone who has ever done anything intimate with the same sex ever, even if they are straight. Doing so is an insult to the LGB. Some idiots claim if you ever fooled around with the same sex then “you are by definition not straight” but I think that’s bullshit.


    • I have talked to more than one straight woman who freely admitted to experimenting with homosexual sex, what with men so often being so difficult, but said it just didn’t do anything for them at all. I agree that it would be dishonest to call these women bisexual, and indeed they didn’t consider themselves bisexual, it was more a matter of sex being important to them and their simply experimenting.

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