Peachyoghurt responds to male pretendbians

I love Peachyoghurt! In this video she sets the record straight on the question, “Do lesbians date people with penises?”


Some idiot actually told Peachyoghurt she isn’t a lesbian because she won’t date transwomen. Ha! Lesbians do not date anyone with a penis, regardless of what he believes his gender to be. We are attracted to females, not males. Homosexuality means attraction to the same sex.

What is up with male pretendbians these days trying to redefine what a lesbian is?

This idiot is a man who sucks dick and says that makes him a lesbian. Um, no dude, that makes you a gay man (or bisexual I don’t know.)

Anyway, watch Peachyoghurt, she is all kinds of awesome!


11 thoughts on “Peachyoghurt responds to male pretendbians

  1. So funny. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to get my gender critical friends to watch this because it’s just hilarious.Just shows that if transactivists weren’t so threatening and sexist, we would just laugh at them all the time.

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  2. This is super funny, mostly because it’s so realistic. I’m not a “cis” woman because I don’t have to define myself against something I am not. I am a woman. Period. You have a penis, you are not a woman. How hard can it be?

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  3. There’s a YouTube channel called Girlfriends TV, run by a young lesbian named Arielle, who’s had several trans-themed weeks and videos like “Would you date a lesbian with a penis?” It’s pretty sad to see how, even when she’s so clearly chugged down the Kool-Aid, a lot of MTTs still leave nasty comments on her videos because she doesn’t have enough videos about THEM. As is typical, the “lesbian with a penis” in her video was such an obvious man in drag and with long hair.

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  4. Now not all men are jerks, and some women are jerks, so I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush here, but this insistence on being always in the Center of Attention is so male! That alone demonstrates the true colors of these lesbians-with-a-penis. It must always be all about them, just as it was when they admitted they were men.

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