Video: MtT tells the truth about being trans

MtT Jen Bob made an excellent video where he is down-to-earth and honest about being trans. He is also hilarious. He opens by explaining that he has been out and trans for 13 years, and he has found out that “gender is bollocks” and that he agrees with most of the TERFs. He talks about what it’s really like to be a transwoman while joking about losing his “tranny card.” He ends by saying “Please feel free to leave abuse, death threats, and whatever” in the comments. I really appreciate his humour and honesty and I would sooner buy him a pint than send him a death threat. Definitely watch this video, it’s very important stuff.


10 thoughts on “Video: MtT tells the truth about being trans

  1. “Being a man is being an asshole in our society.” Hahahaha! Couldn’t have put it better myself!
    All joking aside, I think he’s touched on some important distinctions: male and female attitudes for instance. When he notes typically “male” behaviors, I take it as the entitlement expressed by members of dominant groups when they expect immediate acceptance into non-dominant groups. Anybody who thinks that being a woman is just long hair, breasts and a vagina or that being black is just about skin color needs to take a step back and maybe listen a bit more.

    Inequality in our society is not about inherent differences but about how we’re treated based on those differences. it’s about certain groups asserting dominance and equating value with certain physical characteristics. Just because you don’t identify with your group does not automatically mean your part of another. Jen Bob says it well when he says he’s not a woman, he’s a rebel. If you want to present yourself in a way that isn’t part of the made-up norm for your group, more power to you! “Let your kids dress however they want!” Absolutely! They’ll probably be a lot healthier in the long run!

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  2. This is one of the saddest aspects of the gender cult, I think.

    Imagine wanting something so desperately, and having people tell you that all you have to do is XYZ and you’ll have what you’ve always wanted: you’ll be that beautiful /female/ model you wanted to be ever since you were a child.

    You’re not there yet and that makes you depressed, but you have hope, because you’re taking your first step towards womanhood now that your doctor has given the go ahead for HRT. So you take that first step, and you feel a little closer, but still nowhere near where you want to be.

    Over time all the mountains you have to climb keep you going, because each mountain conquered is a step closer to womanhood. There’s always another mountain to climb, always something to look forward too – until there isn’t.

    You’re taking HRT, You’ve had the voice training, the laser hair removal, the facial feminization surgery, the boob job, and everything else they told you would make you feel like a woman, even the genital reconstruction surgery. So all the steps to get you to womanhood have been taken, but you’re still not a woman, and now you realize you never will be.

    You were promised something you now know is impossible, and all that hope was for nothing. You’ve done irreversible damage to your body, you will be forever dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, You’ve wasted thousands of pounds (possibly hundreds of thousands), you’ve wasted time that could have been spend doing other things, you’ve taken abuse from transphobes, sacrificed relationships, and you now have to take care of a surgical wound that people told you would be analogous to a real vagina – but in reality is a million miles away from anything resembling a vagina.

    You’ve sacrificed so much. You’ve been robbed of so much. You were duped. Where is there to go from here?

    How devastated would you be?

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  3. The question is: Will he now walk his talk?

    I too went 13 years in the male trans delusion, mimicking “feminine” stereotypes like mad and saying I was a woman. I stopped taking “estrogen” because I didn’t want to have a stroke. Within a few days I had snapped out of it and suddenly realized that the trans ideology was just twisted misogynistic bullshit. A month later I had completely ceased trying to convey the impression to anyone that I was a woman, or to occupy women’s protected spaces. Three years later, it feels like I had been living through a bizarre, clownish, dissociated dream. I say again, I profoundly regret my arrogance, invasions and impositions of those years (or any years), and I deeply apologize to all women.

    This fellow seems intelligent and cool and I hope he too will bust a move and move his discourse into action!

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  4. Love it, very on board with the sentiments and insights. I’ve held that trans-ideology is an incoherent and regressive mess since before I even started body-modding, and I’m always told that I’m “suffering from internalized transphobia” for not believing that I’m actually female because of my aesthetic preferences and traits that have been designated as “feminine” for the purpose of oppressing women and limiting men.

    Glad to know I’m not alone in being a person labeled trans who is opposed to gender and the delusional, destructive trans gospel.

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