A quick note for commenters

I don’t have a comments policy, but I have now banned two people, so a little word for commenters.

I have not banned men in general from my site, nor have I banned trans people in general. However, this is a feminist blog, so comments must proceed from the belief that women are human beings who have a right to talk about our oppression as women. Pro-feminist men and gender-critical trans people are welcome.

MRAs and trans activists will find they get banned pretty quick because they want me to stop doing feminism and instead focus on appeasing men’s desires and feelings. Not gonna happen.

A couple of other notes. I discovered yesterday that there were some comments in my spam filter that were not spam, so I published them. If you leave a comment and find that it never appears, and you are not an MRA, just email me and I will liberate you from the spam filter. Sometimes it catches things it shouldn’t and I don’t notice.

Also, in regards to password-protected posts: last time I made one a commenter wasn’t sure if she should ask for the password or not. If you are a regular commenter and I can tell you are female, then you are welcome to ask for passwords. I don’t do password-protected posts very often, but just for future reference.

Carry on.


11 thoughts on “A quick note for commenters

  1. Purplesage, I’m sorry for the intrusion by Mr M. My fault. He is a regular commenter on my blog and, we mostly get along well. Because I reblogged your post, he visited your blog.
    I don’t know what else to say. Shit happens, comes to mind.
    On the bright side, I am being criticised from here to eternity by a trans woman…

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  2. I rarely comment on any blog post because what I think about saying has already been said, and better, by an earlier commenter. I will say here that your post made very clear what ought to be obvious to anyone who actually reads your insightful writing. I thank you for your good work, and will gladly go on reading with only the occasional twinge of writerly envy.

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  3. My comment policy is “Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. If you want to be critical, and cannot work out how to add something of substance and refrain from commiting logical fallacies, you should probably go comment somewhere else.”

    Or, as Atrios wrote many years ago: “You don’t like my blog? You think I should write something else? Go get your own blog, you can write anything you want.”

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  4. The only person I’ve blacklisted from commenting is someone who only ever commented on my names blog (my secondary blog) to disagree with the meaning I gave for a name, tell me I was wrong about something, or try to shame me for daring to hold an opinion she doesn’t have. It got to a point where I would get a sick feeling in my stomach when I saw she’d left a comment, since I just knew it would be along the lines of “You do realize [opinion I took the time to intelligently, articulately, respectfully present] is ridiculous, don’t you?” or “I knew a child named Sunshine, and it totally matched her personality, therefore you’re totally wrong for saying it’s a ridiculous name!”

    I’m currently running a trans-critical series on my main blog, and I’ve temporarily changed my commenting policy so only commenters with previously-approved comments immediately show up. Happily, I haven’t had any abusive trolls during the course of this series, though I still have four more posts to go after today’s.

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