Male pretendbian running for NUS women’s officer

From the Huffington Post:

“A transgender student is set to make history and represent the UK’s female students by running to become the National Union of Students’ women’s officer.

Anna Lee, a student at Lancaster University who describes herself as a “queer trans disabled lesbian woman”, is the first openly trans woman to stand for election in a national role. Lee is currently her students’ union’s vice president for welfare and community, and says she is “passionate” about equal rights.

“I never believed that running to be national women’s officer was a possibility,” she said in a Facebook post. “I felt that I had hit a glass ceiling. Now, I find myself in unchartered waters, and some shards of that glass ceiling will undoubtedly hit me.

“I know the Women’s Campaign is ready. I know NUS is ready. I’m not convinced that the rest of society is.

“But – when the transphobic ‘feminists’ come and try to tear me down, I will just fight harder and with the help of amazing activists we will show them, together, that the NUS Women’s Campaign demonstrates a progressive approach to inclusive feminism.”

The maths student’s pledges include fighting for a “statutory, gender neutral sex education” for students, decriminalisation of sex workers, and lobbying for a debate in parliament over tampon tax in SUs.

Lee accuses mainstream feminism of “constantly” forgetting about trans women, and says the NUS should be fighting for all women, “not just a few”.

“We need to build the movement and make sure no one is excluded.”

Here are a couple of photos of the dude named “Anna” who believes himself to be a “lesbian” and is running for a position representing female students:




dude 2

I don’t understand how people are going along with this instead of saying “What the fuck, dude.”

A lesbian is a female homosexual. This dude is a heterosexual male cross dresser and has no right to the word lesbian or the position of women’s officer. He can wear dresses all he wants, and I’m okay with any choice of clothing that makes him happy, but he’ll never be a lesbian.


51 thoughts on “Male pretendbian running for NUS women’s officer

      • Yeah, noticing that a heterosexual man is donning a wig and calling himself a lesbian and running to get himself elected as a woman’s officer in student government where he will have the power to speak for and over women is all about “purism much”.

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        • Men are adult males, many ways to be one and that includes wearing dresses and claiming trans status and demanding that women focus their attention on males yet again. Gender is sexist stereotypes that people who claim trans status are devoted to. Cheers.

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        • Sex refers to biological differences; chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs.

          Gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine.

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        • Of course you are. You’re transposing separate factors that are ultimately a personal consideration.
          If this person grew up feeling oppressed and female, this person knows what feeling oppressed and female is like. It’s not up to you to decide for them that they’re not up to scratch- unless of course you’re prepared for someone to tell you you’re not a *real woman* either.


        • You can claim I’m not a “real woman” all you want, but I will still bleed every month because the fact that I am female is real. Oppression does not originate in the mind or in personal feelings. Oppression is a lived reality that is caused by groups of people having power over others. You really should get a clue what you are talking about before posting a whole bunch of comments.

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        • Just saying, but no, just because you think you understand oppression does NOT mean you experience it. As a white guy, your relatives were not murdered or stuck on the Rez so other people could farm your land.

          As a male, weren’t raised to never go anywhere alone. I was 9 when I got my first rape threat from an adult male stranger. You weren’t raised that it was your duty that all the men be fed before you could eat anything. You weren’t criticized by your teachers for getting the right answers to problems. You weren’t perceived to “talk too much” if you participated in class.

          I am a mixed indigenous, gender nonconforming woman tired of white men who think they know my life.

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    • “At what point do we get to define another person’s gender?”

      The point at which we can see them. That’s just a fact of reality.

      Some people look male, some people look female. A tiny tiny percentage of people look ‘androgynous’ and you can’t immediately tell if they are a man or a woman. If someone is biologically male and people can tell that, that is not oppression. That is nothing like the enraged hatred that gay people used to perpetually encounter and still sometimes do.

      The transgender movements efforts to manipulate people into thinking that failing to go along with a persons pretend notions about themself is in anyway unfair or oppressive is simply disgusting. It makes a mockery of all of the other social movements attempting to eliminate prejudice that have existed and actually accomplished things.

      And lets just remind ourselves that no jurisdiction anywhere to my knowledge has ever made any laws explicitly about transgender persons in order to try and make their lives impossible. But laws like that existed against Black people, and against gay people. It wasn’t just the negative social attitudes that were used to keep people in those two groups down. There was explicit government persecution. For decades. In theocratic Europe against gay people for centuries. Transgender people have never been subjected to any of that. Their complaints about ‘oppression’ always turn out to be someone won’t do what the trans person is ordering them to do. If we went back in time to the 20s and talked to some gay people and told them this story they would definitely say WTF?! (they’d also be really happy to hear about the ending of government sanctioned gay persecution.)

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  1. I am FURIOUS at his appropriation of the term “glass ceiling”. No, dude, people recognizing that males do not fully understand female and lesbian concerns and therefore cannot advocate for those concerns is not a glass ceiling. The effect you have experienced as a male who was elevated above women because even gender nonconforming males are regarded as more believable, more worthy, more human than females is referred to as a glass escalator.

    Let me tell a story about a real glass ceiling and the effects thereof.

    I know an editor, and she is frighteningly good at her job. Back when the company she worked for was still a small, woman owned enterprise, she rose fast. Within a year, she went from copy editor to senior editor, working on managing editor. Her division worked well as a team, and their output was high with very good quality. But the owner trusted a financial advisor who turned out to be selling snake oil. The only way she could pay her debts was to sell the company.

    The new owners sent a manager (male) to figure out how to integrate the new business. My friend at first was ecstatic. Bigger company = more divisions= more opportunities to grow in her career. She would turn up to dinners with friends holding the new company’s handbook. Or an organizational chart. She got some business coursework through an early distance learning program.

    But she got nowhere. Her division turned in a fantastic performance and her new male boss got a bonus and a mention in the company newsletter. An older woman who had observed everything recommended my friend lose some weight, wear some makeup and perfume, and show a little cleavage, but that even then, she probably wouldn’t get too much further. And with a non compete clause in the contract, where else could she go?

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  2. Without questioning the legitimacy of Lee’s stance as a person, I feel it absolutely reasonable to ask Lee how she feels she’s able to reflect the experiences and needs of women who have lived their entire lives as such. Gender discrimination is based mainly on society’s perception of gender, whereby, if you are perceived s male, you’re treated as such and if you’re perceived as female you’re treated as such (worse). While men who display “feminine” traits and behavior may be discriminated against, it is a qualitatively different experience than a female who present as “masculine” or “feminine.”

    I do not identify as black, Native American, Jewish or any other myriad groups that have been oppressed throughout history, but I do know what it’s like to be marginalized and abused because I am a woman, young, gender non-conforming, mixed, etc. I would never ask to be a representative of any of these groups but would definitely lend my support. MtF trans people may sympathize with women who were born women but they are not and I don’t think ANYONE should assume to know anybody else’s experience.

    Women who have undergone treatment and surgery for breast cancer or often left without hair or breasts–the quintessential trademarks of “femininity.” If these women decide not to get reconstructive surgery, are they any less women? Does a vagina make a woman? The ability to bear children? Or is it society’s perception of femininity? Our associations with boys and girls, men and women?

    Again, I think what we’re missing the boat when we fail to recognize each individuals’ unique experience. People who feel they need to have genital reconstructive surgery or take hormones have a unique experience as do people who don’t. I do not understand why anyone would feel the need to encroach upon another group by acting as a representative when they do not share the lived experiences of that group.

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  3. What a funny world where women are shamed and censored for noticing that a heterosexual man in a dress is not a lesbian or a woman and that he’s demanding that women focus their political energy to men like himself and telling women should just shut up and obey him and let him speak for and over women. It’s fucking hilarious, such a joke.

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    • Seriously. Stuttering his way through an ad for “communications”? Also, no idea if that’s his hair or a wig but either way, it needs a wash, conditioning, and a brush out. Females get harassed for so much less.

      And the worst of it – the part that doesn’t make me want to cringe but to get all shouty, is that I suspect the little bobs each time he stutters are his attempt to be feminine about the whole thing, not realizing most girls grow out of that trick at 12.

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        • I went through both speech therapy AND training myself to speak a different dialect. I notice hesitations in speech. This is full of false starts, hesitations, etc. Sadly, it doesn’t have the expressive range I would expect from ANYONE trying to make a persuasive speech. Honestly, my middle schoolers would have done it better. For starters, they would have looked at the tape and said, nah, that’s a hot mess. Let’s shoot that again.

          But yes, he also sounds male. And water is wet.

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  4. Ugh ugh ugh his maleness and autogynophilia is matter how many wigs and dresses he wears!!This Butch Dyke LESBIAN FEMALE does not recognize him.either as Lesbian OR Female. No cotton ceiling here…rather the sharp point of the Labryis!!!!

    We DykeAmazons WILL defend OUR territory!!

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  5. I’m aghast that this is being championed by so many as “historic”! This appropriation of his is frankly disgusting. He only campaigned for trans officer last year and I think he forgot to change his manifesto, we need a woman’s officer who understands what it’s like to be a female student and focusses solely on women’s rights NOT someone who wants to dilute the very small amount of female leadership with a smattering of transwomen. And the gender neutral sex ed??? At university you have sex ed? And what is gender neutral? Female penises? Male breasts?

    If “Anna” wants to help women she should be an ally not taking one of the few positions available for female students to lead.

    And “queer tras lesbian”? What is that? A bloke in a dress.

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    • Totally agree..please folks many of us Dykes are big womyn. Big wimyn get enough crap. No such th8ng as “gender neutral” sex ed..and born females NEED our OWN representation..not male eunuch gatekeepers silencing us and speaking for us.

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  6. She’s so beautiful. I think I’m in love. Too bad she’s a lesbian, but as an enlightened liberal dood I’ll respect that and suffer my heartbreak. NOT.

    WTF. Ms Lee is in no way a woman. And to claim he’s a lesbian is creepy as fuck. This whole trans thing is simply a ruse to let creepy dudes who used to get shut down invade lesbian spaces. This is simply gaslighting the younger generation.

    BTW. Jerry Coyne has spoken out quite a bit about no platforming by the NUS over at his Why Evolution is True site. As an old 60’s radical he’s quite alarmed by the no platforming movement in both the US and UK. He’s attacked the NUS several times, but he refused to drawn into a discussion about the Germaine Greer case. He has retired recently and is still allowed an office and is paid a small stipend by his university. I think he knew commenting on Greer could cost him. But he pounds hard on the National Union of Students in other cases.

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    • The NUS Women’s Campaign added the following to their standing orders in 2012………

      ”The NUS Women’s Campaign is open to all who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women. The NUSWC affirms that self-definition is at the sole discretion of the individual in question.”

      Over three years of consuming the Kool-Aid and it means nothing to this generation of female students to be represented by a biological male.

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    • I’m sure if a heterosexual woman who claimed trans status and declared herself a gay man decided to run as officer of gay men’s organization, she wouldn’t even get in the door or she would be let in and efficiently abused right on out. Men are quite ruthless about maintaining male power organizations

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  7. Something is amiss. A TS(XY) woman who claims to be a lesbian!? Wait a minute, maybe all the men coercing their wives to roll over and “experiment” are actually sensitive lesbians trapped in a man’s body struggling to come to terms with their childhood homoerotic fantasies created by a gender dyslogistic society?

    Or maybe if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… it’s an odd duck with a new angle to gain women’s confidence, bathroom and bedroom? Vote No.

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  8. Trans disabled woman ? youre shitting me! lesbian my arse. one of my oldest friends studies at lancaster i dont believe for a moment she’d fall for this twaddle. i’d been trying to persuade her to look more closely at the trans agenda since her masters involves gender study.. i can see now why she didnt take much persuading…
    do you think one day he’ll wake up and realise how ludicrous he is??


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