High school kids selling explicit photos of their classmates for $10

From Latest.com:

Three Connecticut teens have been arrested on child porn charges after allegedly selling explicit videos and photos of their high school classmates.

An investigation revealed that more than 20 students were involved in a “sexting ring” for profit.

Students would take pictures of themselves that would then be shared with as many as 50 classmates through messaging apps, according to Daily Mail. Police say the three students running the ring then sold the pictures for $10-20 a piece.

Those three students have been charged with transmitting or possessing child porn. They also face obscenity charges. 20 others identified in the investigation may have to complete community service if it is recommended by a juvenile review board.

I just can’t imagine growing up in a world where it is normal to take explicit photos and videos of yourself to send to your classmates when you are only a teenager. Teenagers are impulsive, desperate for attention and approval from their peers, and unable to understand the long-term consequences of their actions. With the combination of porn culture and smart phones, kids making their own porn to sell is becoming as common as sneaking behind the school for a smoke. This can have a devastating impact on girls as they lose control over the images and they are spread all over school. You cannot control anything once it’s on the Internet. Although these girls only intend for their peers to see their photos, they can easily get into the hands of adult pedophiles.

This is an absolute fucking mess. I’m glad the kids who were selling these photos were charged, but there is another set of perpetrators in this story who are not mentioned. The adults who have created this culture by making it culturally and legally acceptable to sell images and videos of the sexual exploitation of teenage girls are the real problem. They are grooming a generation of young people into misogynist porn culture, preparing them to accept sexual exploitation, and profiting off the real sexual abuse of women and girls. Why are we only charging teens and not the adult pornographers?


8 thoughts on “High school kids selling explicit photos of their classmates for $10

  1. Children will reveal what is wrong with their parents and society in the most startling ways. I absolutely agree that the adult pornographers need to be held accountable. And I’m not talking about stuff that’s marketed as porn, I’m talking about the shows, celebrities, magazines and movies that aren’t. This story is like Nightmare on Elm St. in that the kids are held responsible for their parents mistakes, except in the movies, the parents admit their role in things.

    We have created a culture in which this is perfectly acceptable. Not only that, we’ve convinced a whole new generation of girls that being sexual is empowering. We criticize “slut-shaming” but not the culture that tells girls their value is in their skin and the more they show, the more they’re valued.

    I used to work at a high school where it was not uncommon to see girls struggling to pick their shorts out of their butts because they were so short. In fact, a similar porn ring was broken up by a student in the district–Lafayette, CA, people, you can read about it! The schools and communities did NOTHING to address it. Shame on all of us for not doing something about it.

    Frankly, I think exposing kids to this crap is child abuse and not doing anything about is too. You know what I like to do to fight it? Leave little notes in the magazines at the checkout isle that say things like: “The world needs your ideas” and “your opinions are valuable.” Please steal this idea! Women and girls need to know where there true value lies every single day.

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  2. Great post!
    This article seems full of nonspecific references to “students” and “teenagers”, and it deliberately confuses the sex-based dynamics at play. Hmm…I wonder why?
    You can practically hear the funfems throwing fits about the thwarted “agency” of these kids to make $ off of their own/others sexuality. And, my god, the whore-phobia!!!

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