A little tribute to Twisty Faster

I was asked what got me interested in feminist blogging. I am always happy to answer this question because that means I get to gush about my favourite feminist blogger of all time—Twisty Faster. Anyone who was participating in the feminist blogosphere between 2004 and 2014 knows her. At some point during my early twenties I became interested in feminism and also blogging, and that means I stumbled upon her blog I Blame The Patriarchy. Of course, I was immediately hooked.

Twisty is an excellent writer who has a very strong grasp of humor, style, wit, grammar, and long-winded sentences that go on and on, delivering excellent commentary and making fifteen hilarious and poignant jokes before finally coming to a close. She has a solid background in feminist theory and a lifetime of lessons learned while living in a patriarchy, and a no-nonsense attitude—you’ll never catch her giving a shit about appeasing male feelings or softening up her language. She’s the one who coined the term Fun Feminism, which I see almost everyone using these days. I like her so much that I have made a collection my favourite quotes of hers and printed it out and bound it into an actual book:

Twisty book

Twisty Faster is the person who inspired me to read Andrea Dworkin and Shulamith Firestone, and she’s the person who inspired me to become an Internet Radical Feminist.

So let’s get into my favourite posts by Twisty Faster! (And if you are a fan, please let me know what your favourite posts are!)

My all-time favourite post of hers is Why Merry Rapists Are Flocking to Britain. It has everything you could ever want in a piece of radical feminist blogging—it starts with a discussion of a recent news item that perfectly exemplifies male supremacy, it expertly analyses the situation and also the culture that enables it, it provides a nice helping of feminist theory, porn-blaming and kink-shaming, and it ends with the jaw-droppingly horrible realization that the global economy would collapse without rape. Radical feminist blogging just doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, Twisty can write some really hilarious stuff sometimes. Her ability to make fun of MRAs, using a liberal helping of swear words, insults, and sarcasm, is one of the most entertaining things she does. I will never forget the title of this blog post as long as I live: MRAs on parade: chumpass motherfucker declares ownership of girlfriend’s uterus. I have always been looking for opportunities to call someone a “chumpass motherfucker.” Anyway, the sarcasm in this post deserves its own paragraph. Check this shit out:

“I allude to Greg Bruell, a dude who, having some time ago made the personal decision to father no further children, proceeded to prong his girlfriend anyway (as reported in Salon). Here I interject some No.1 Science Information, information that, had Greg Bruell been apprised of it, might have prevented all of his piteous suffering. That information is this: heterosexual pronging ranks Number One in the World as the most efficacious method of all time for obtaining pregnancy. You might think Greg Bruell had been at least dimly aware of the consequences of heterosexual pronging, since he has already fathered two children. However, Greg Bruell has apparently failed to grasp the connection between his lusty throbbing and the pitter-patter of little feet. Men, who are born with the right to prong anything that moves, are not typically required to understand this kind of cause and effect, since, as I mentioned above, they can easily oil out of any untoward consequences of their actions merely by invoking any of the buttload of traditional exemptions: claiming ignorance, deceit, she asked for it, she cuckolded him, or — an oldie but goodie — that the burden of pregnancy is totally a chick problem.”

Twisty: 1.    Chumpass motherfucker: 0.

Another paragraph of hers that is so fantastic I almost have it memorized is this gem about I Choose My Choice brand Fun Feminism.

“Largely because of the success of the funfeminist movement, which argues that women do too have agency, dammit! (as long as their choiciness stays perfectly aligned with male interests), to view women as victims has become passé and unpopular. Women aren’t victims anymore now that we can own property, vote, and have the right to pole-dance in our boyfriends’ apartments. Furthermore, the argument goes, if we traipse about the countryside exaggerating the sorry plight of women (when in fact the plight of women, though admittedly not quite as awesome as men’s, is at least not as sorry as it was), we’re just buying into that unattractive, unempowerfulized, hysterical “victim mentality.” We freely choose to wear 6-inch heels, and if we author this choice, we cannot therefore be victims of it. If we don’t think we are victims, we won’t be victims. You know; only sick people take pills; therefore, if I don’t take pills, I won’t be sick. What this argument fails to consider, regardless of a few funfeminists’ purported choice to choose choices, is that, hourly, billions of women worldwide suffer everything from discrimination to murder exclusively because of their sex. Women cannot choose the “I’m-not-a-victim” choice. Not even the funfeminists can choose it, not really, because when stuff like “you cannot rape me” or “my appearance is meaningless” or “the state cannot interfere with the contents of my own personal uterus” is not on the menu of choices, no real agency exists. But apparently, claiming that patriarchy victimizes women is just whiney.”

Third-wave feminism wants us to believe that feminism is a movement based on the Choice to Choose Choices. Nope—that would be neo-liberal individualist consumer culture.

One of her best pieces of writing is About Consent, or, the Legalization of Women’s Humanity, in which she explains what we could do to actually stop rape. It is, of course, impossible, because doods would never allow it. It involves changing the law so that women are automatically assumed to have not consented to sex, instead of the system we have now, in which all women are legally considered to have consented to anything a male in her vicinity felt like doing to her.

Twisty eventually stopped blogging after ten years. They were ten great years. But you can only explain that women are an oppressed class of people so many times before you are just repeating yourself like a broken record, and also Twisty was unwilling to take a critical look at the trans cult, which means that her own readers started to kick her out of feminism for thinking that trans women are women. I’m not holding that against her, because she contributed so much that I can overlook one mistake.

I would have never become a radical feminist without Twisty Faster. I would have never sat and read entire books on feminist theory without her influence. I don’t think anyone else has ever turned depressing news articles and feminist theory into easily digestible and entertaining blog posts the way she did, and get so many people reading and commenting.

Thanks, Twisty!


8 thoughts on “A little tribute to Twisty Faster

  1. Twisty is great, she is also the writer that made start reading feminist theory and rethinking beliefs which were pro porn, sex workers have agency, choice, bdsm shouldn’t be criticized, etc muddle headed, neoliberal typical sort of nonsense. I did take a slow time in questioning trans politics due to her influence, but like you say, her body of work is greater than that, besides my support of trans politics had everything to do with wanting to get along with people in my protp-queer circle and not actually critically thinking about the issue even though I’d had plenty of real life experienced that should have made me extremely trans critical. Anyway, yeah Twisty, I’m off to the butt dance in her honor.


  2. I just knew who this would be about! Ironically I wasn’t a fan of her blog, although I was a member of IBTP forum. Didn’t disagree with her points on her blog, but her style wasn’t for me. Each to our own. But I recognise her influence. And, it was a shame when she pulled the plug on the forum.

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  3. Hmm… you’re inspiring me to take a second look at her archive. I came late to her blog, near the time when she closed up shop. So I mainly saw the trans defense, which stunned me, b/c what little I had read that was not about trans was very critical and incisive.

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  4. Purple Sage, I wonder if you’ve read Twisty’s recent tweets denouncing “terfs” as right-wing and trumplike. I have to admit that as a fellow woman whose introduction to radical feminism was through her blog it felt like a real punch in the gut. I don’t begrudge her her right to distance herself from the debate, but there’s a difference between staying neutral and using the very language that so many feminists who admite her find so problematic.


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