Today in daft nonsense: Men wearing dresses are oppressive to transwomen

In case you needed to reach your peak peak peak peak peak peak trans today, check out this article published in The Independent.

“Jaden Smith as a new face of womenswear might seem progressive – but he’s on transgender territory

People like Jaden are starting to wear the trans uniform without actually stating that they are transgender, and they’re claiming it for themselves under the guise of gender-neutral fashion.

Okay so if you are a man wearing women’s clothing, you are not just a man wearing women’s clothing, you are a cis overlord wearing the uniform of the oppressed transwomen and therefore appropriating something that doesn’t belong to you. Okay. No men can put on a dress for fun anymore I guess, or else 100,000 transwomen will probably die.

“So, it’s been announced that 17-year-old Jaden Smith, son of American actor Will Smith, is to be the new face of Louis Vuitton clothes. To be more specific, the womenswear section. And  I didn’t even know they had an old face – clearly I’m out of the fashion loop.

But what a great publicity stunt for Louis Vuitton. So many people thought their fashion offerings were confined to handbags – whoever knew that they were actually selling womenswear for men?

Jaden seems to be up for this gender-neutral, equal clothing rights thing which allows men to wear women’s clothes without any fear of ridicule.  But there is another, more important issue afoot.

Wait. Don’t trans activists want it to be okay for men to wear women’s clothing? Aren’t they trying to smash the gender binary? Wouldn’t the world be safer for transwomen if there was no punishment for men wearing feminine attire?

“There’s a reason why men wear men’s clothes and women wear women’s clothes, and why they are generally so different.  OK, I know women have been wearing trousers for decades but they’re usually a femme version of the male equivalent – and I’m not talking about unisex clothes like jeans and t-shirts. 

Whoa. So trousers are a male uniform and skirts are a female uniform? Really? And women’s pants are a “femme” version of men’s pants, really? This person has obviously never met a lesbian because some of us wear actual men’s pants.

“When you get out of bed in the morning the most important thing you have to do all day is tell the world what your gender is, because from that, everything else flows.  You may think that your job is to be an office supervisor or a stockbroker or police officer but these are all human constructs.  Deep down your real job is to reproduce, and showing other humans your gender is the first step on that path.”

This paragraph gets 6000 trophies for THE DUMBEST PARAGRAPH EVAR!!! When I get out of bed in the morning, the most important thing I have to do all day is work for wages so I can have money to pay my rent and food. Never have I ever woken up and thought, “How can I express my gender today?” Normally I try not to express any gender, actually, because I hate gender. How daft to think that everything flows from my gender. What the fuck? And the icing on the fucked up cake is “your real job is to reproduce.” What?? First of all, no, my job is not to reproduce. I will never reproduce. I don’t give a shit about being a mother and I’m not that keen on small children. But secondly, if transwomen want to reproduce, pretending to be female is not the best way to make that happen, because the only way they can reproduce is by fertilizing an ovum from a female with his sperm.

“So, to help make it plain for anyone to see which gender you are, you put on a uniform.  Men put on trousers and have men’s haircuts, and women put on dresses and skirts, feminine tops and tights and women’s shoes to show their femininity and declare to the world that they are female. 

They have women’s hair-dos and they put use cosmetics to make themselves look nicer and more presentable and to reinforce the female uniform a bit more.”

I hate to break this to you, daft writer of this article, but there are men with long hair, and women with short hair, and there are men who wear bright flashy colours, and women who wear loose, comfortable clothing. And there are women who shave their heads and wear men’s clothes. I am in a relationship with one. It turns out that both males and females enjoy a variety of clothing and styles.

I hate to break another thing to you, but wearing makeup can’t actually “declare to the world that you are female” if you are male. Everyone can see that you’re a man wearing makeup. That’s because males and females actually look different.  Being female is a biological reality, it is not just an outfit.

“So, when some people come along and want equal clothing rights, that upsets the apple cart a bit. 

Male-to-female transgender people rely on props like clothes, shoes, make-up and hairstyles to create the gender identity they want to portray to the world because most of the time their bodies alone are unable to do that.  There are a few lucky ones who don’t have to do a thing to put across a female persona, but most trans women have to work hard at it.”

You saw it right here, folks! Trans activists actually DON’T want males to be able to wear feminine clothing. They want ONLY FEMALES to wear feminine clothing so that men who believe they are women can use these stereotypes to their advantage. That’s because it’s obvious that their bodies are male.

“The danger for trans women is that if wearing what are traditionally women’s clothes becomes the norm for men too, then trans women will no longer be able to rely on these props to help them display a female gender identity – and for many, that could be a serious problem.”

So it would be a serious problem if it was okay for males to wear feminine clothing because then males who wear feminine clothing would look…normal. *headdesk*

What could the “serious problem” actually be? No one would know he has a “gender identity” because suddenly there’s no actual need to call your clothing choices a “gender identity” anymore? Wouldn’t that be a good thing, if you could just be who you are, without having to convince everyone of your “identity”?

“Of course it will take time – a long, long time even – for things to change to the extent where men wearing skirts and girly stuff will be totally acceptable.

But trans people should be aware that well-known faces like Jaden Smith are starting to encroach on our territory.  They’re starting to wear the trans uniform without actually stating that they are transgender, and they’re claiming it for themselves under the guise of gender-neutral fashion. All of which begs the question: where does that leave us?”

Yeah, it will take a long time for society to accept men wearing skirts as long as we keep holding on to traditional gender stereotypes, AS YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW.

What do you mean, “encroach on our territory”? Since when do trans people “own” certain clothing styles? Any person can wear any clothing they want.

There are generally two types of MtF transgender. There are gender-non-conforming men, who are often gay, and there are fetishistic cross-dressers. If we stopped punishing men for being feminine, the gender-non-conforming men would benefit. But as long as we keep punishing men for being feminine, the fetishists can get off pretending to be part of an oppressed class of people. That oppressed class of people is the female sex class.


23 thoughts on “Today in daft nonsense: Men wearing dresses are oppressive to transwomen

  1. Ahahahhaha! Wow, not only have I failed by not reproducing, but I’m failing every day by not wearing makeup, being a woman and all. Not to mention that by being mildly gender-nonconforming I’m causing these horrible horrible problems for transfolk. Silly me, thinking we wanted to loosen gender strictures — it turns out that we have to keep them as tight as possible to help the trans people!

    Oh the failure…and yet somehow I’m still okay with myself.

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  2. Also, isn’t it a bit odd to support trans people by making a declaration that men and women have to keep carefully to different modes of dress because it supports the Prime Directive of reproduction? Doesn’t medical transition sooner or later make people infertile? Is this article even aiming to be coherent?

    Human reproduction survived women broadening our range of clothing without a hiccup and it will do just fine if men wear a broader range of clothes as well.

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  3. Does this mean humans and their ancestors didn’t breed before they invented gendered clothes?

    No, wait …

    This nincompoop better not try telling men in kilts (Scots, Greek guards, ets) they’re encroaching on trans territory by wearing ladyclothes. They’ll end up getting punched in the face at the very least.

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  4. “Whoa. So trousers are a male uniform and skirts are a female uniform? Really? And women’s pants are a “femme” version of men’s pants, really? This person has obviously never met a lesbian because some of us wear actual men’s pants.”

    I made this comment on another blog, but it bears repeating here: no, this isn’t a “uniform,” and is a very classed view of gender. Come to my working-class neighborhood and you’ll see very few women wearing the “correct” uniform.

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  5. I love this Independent article! No, really, I do. For its refreshing honesty and coherence about what transgenderism truly is. How often do trans-activist opinion piece writers come right out and say what they mean, and mean what they say, without a mealy-mouthed, self-contradictory, and deliberately dishonest rigmarole? Never.

    But Katie Glover makes it clear: if we successfully undermine or blur sex-stereotypes and their theatrical accoutrements, then there’s practically nothing for transitioners to transition TO. They’d be pretty much left naked, so to speak, and out in the cold, with nothing to wear but their obvious biological/reproductive sex. “We simply cannot have this!” says he. And he’s right: transitioning would make hardly any sense without these agreed-upon meanings of those vital, sex-role props, such as dresses, mini skirts, high-heeled pumps, and over-processed hair styles. Fake tits just aren’t enough.

    I hope it’s obvious that I am NOT saying his argument is sound. That’s a different ball of wax, and feminism has answered to all of that crap a zillion times over. What I mean, is that his “hands off the lacy, flowing, sexy garments boys; those belong to transwomen!” is internally consistent and logical.

    That’s why the trans are so furious about what Glover has written.

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    • Absolutely. Without feminine trappings to call on, transwomen would be revealed as… drum roll… Men!

      Makes me think that lovely image at the top of the blog Gender is War – all those women naked on a skyline in silhouette – and you can see they’re women at a glance. They’re women because they are. They don’t need wigs, bras, or make up. They could be bald.

      I have a theory that women are instinctively better at discerning the sex of a stranger at first glance, regardless of presentation. It’s a survival thing. Wigs and such don’t count for us – we go on things like proportions, outline. This is why men can be fooled by transwomen but women seldom are.

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  6. I’m a guy and I like skirts. They are comfortable! I’m not trans and I’m not gay. In fact I’m engaged to a female. Uniforms are a uniform but clothes are pieces of clothing that we use to not be naked. I was worried about this article by the title but turns out it was great. Thank you.

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