Public Service Announcement re: use of the word cunt as an insult

It is misogynist to use the word “cunt” as an insult. Cunt means female genitals. When you use the word cunt as an insult what you’re saying is that female genitals are so horrible that you can call someone horrible by equating them with this word. There is nothing horrible or wrong about female genitals. In fact, female genitals are TEH AWESOME.

There are some other words that we should not use for very similar reasons. We should not call things retarded when they are wrong and disagreeable either. That’s because when you use the word retarded to mean wrong and disagreeable, you’re saying that retarded is a word that means wrong and disagreeable. But people with mental retardation are not wrong nor disagreeable.

We should not call things gay as an insult either. If you use the word gay to mean something wrong and disagreeable, then you’re saying that the word gay means wrong and disagreeable. That’s not true—gay actually means fantastic and amazing. 😉 Okay fine, it means homosexual.

Both intellectual disabilities and homosexuality are normal variations in human beings that do not make anyone wrong or bad or disagreeable.

I get that people need vulgar words to insult people—some people are truly horrible and you want to call them by the name of a gross body part or bodily excretion. Why not call them the name of a gross body part that everyone has, therefore avoiding making negative statements about female bodies? Everyone has an asshole, and assholes are generally gross, so call the horrible person an asshole. There are other words too that don’t apply to specific groups of people. Like shitstain or scumbag, for example.

Or maybe just use accurate words to describe what is happening? If someone is being ridiculous and ignorant, why not just call him ridiculous and ignorant? Why insult a group of innocent people (women, gays, the intellectually disabled) instead of insulting the person who’s being ridiculous and ignorant?

I know, I know, in your part of the word, you use cunt all the time and you don’t mean anything by it. I’ve heard that excuse so many times from people who say retarded and gay. They always say “but I don’t mean it that way.” But yes, you do. The reason you said “that’s gay” is because you think gay is an insult. A word that describes my sexual orientation, which is a wonderful orientation BTW, is used as an insult because you don’t like gay people. I fucking know it, regardless of the excuses. And every time I read that some horrible person is a cunt, I think “what’s wrong with cunts? Cunts are great. This horrible person doesn’t deserve to be called something that is so lovely and wonderful.” And it’s pretty off-putting.

I think perhaps what I should do, is next time I see someone say this, I’m going to chime in with “Yes, that horrible man is so horrible, he’s just like female genitals!” And see how that goes.

cunts awesome


10 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement re: use of the word cunt as an insult

  1. smegma should get more use, it’s unisex and just sounds nasty. cunt is a rather nice sounding word, rhymes with blunt, sounds purposeful and not something to be messed with.

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  2. I’m with you on this. I don’t use the B word either, not as a direct word for a person and especially not as a synonym for complaining, because it makes no sense to use a female insult to mean complaining when in my experience men complain an awful lot more than women do (see: man cold. See also: the trans tsa experience).

    I mean, I see why, from the male POV, women might look like complainers, even though we let an awful lot of things slide without pushing back. It’s because their treatment of us tends to be so uniformly exploitative and dismissive that they *expect* us to object to it, because they would. So they’re watching for it. And as Dale Spender pointed out in her studies that showed that men talk more than women, “The talkativeness of women has been gauged in comparison not with men but with silence. Women have not been judged on the grounds of whether they talk more than men, but of whether they talk more than silent women.” So they come to see complaining as something women do too much of, while male complaints are always justified and indicate that some human rights abuse is occurring, and so they call complaining b****ing

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  3. Cunt is my favorite word! I always use it to refer to my own because it sounds so powerful and like something to be respected. Whenever I refer to my cunt, her jaw always drops. That could have something to do with my father calling her a cunt for 12 years though. But I definitely don’t have a pussy, nothing about me is deferential or like a little kitty cat, which is how that sounds to me.

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  4. You could also go the Kimmy Schmidt route and take intended insults as compliments:
    “You bitch!”
    “A female dog that has puppies? I’ll take that as a compliment!”

    “You’re a cunt!”
    “You mean awesome and unique? Thank you!”

    “That’s gay.”
    “Awe, how sweet of you to say.”

    “That’s retarded.”
    “You mean different from you? Good!”

    Insults are things small people use to make them feel big. Could be powerful to take some of the “bigness” out of it.

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  5. This reminds me of an e-card I once saw on the world wide web which had the following note: “I’d call you a cunt. But you don’t have the depth or warmth.”

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  6. The most vulgar phrase I’ve heard was used by a professor of mine during the Nixon administration. He referred to Nixon as a wind sucker, and, in case there is a question, the wind was the wind that broke, not the lovely breeze outside. It’s still my go to insult when my outrage is such that only the most coarse vulgarism will get the job done.

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