Pornography is grooming for abuse

I want to draw your attention to a quote from Gail Dines.

“In interviews I did with seven incarcerated sex offenders, aged from their late thirties to early sixties, all said that the quality and quantity of their porn use changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet…The average length of time between downloading the first child porn and sexually assaulting a child was one year. Most men told me that before becoming addicted to Internet porn, they had not been sexually interested in children.”

Gain Dines quote

Sex offenders will use pornography to groom their victims into abuse, but even the sex offenders themselves are being groomed by it. Pornography does not promote loving, consensual relationships—it promotes the violation of women, usually young women, by men who have power over them. It is very significant that several sex offenders that Gail Dines interviewed reported having no sexual interest in children until they watched porn. Clearly, porn is grooming perpetrators as well as victims. The sample size of seven is an extremely small sample size, so obviously we cannot make sweeping generalizations about this but we do know that some perpetrators would not have offended if they hadn’t watched porn and developed an interest in abuse.

Pornography is a business first and foremost. The product that is sold is graphic evidence of the sexual abuse of mostly women and girls. The product sells because we live in a woman-hating culture that encourages men to sexualize dominance over women and to consider access to women’s bodies as their right. The pornographers are interested in making money and will sell anything that people are buying no matter how unethical it is. They directly benefit from getting porn users addicted because this makes them more money. Therefore extreme acts are inevitable. Anyone who’s ever been a porn user knows that it only takes a few clicks to end up in the Weird Stuff, even if you weren’t intending to go there in the first place, and that after a while you begin seeking out more extreme materials.

Women who have submitted interviews to this blog about how watching porn affected them have reported developing or feeding into an interest in either abusing or being abused. (See the blog category “How Porn Affected Me.”) It is not limited to men—women are also groomed into abuse, whether as perpetrators or as victims.

The pornographers who create the videos are in control of what happens during the shoot. They tell the performers what to perform. The female performers are not the ones deciding what they do on the set, and they don’t feel like they are allowed to say no. Many of the scenes are deliberately presented as rape, and often enough, a real rape is taking place. The pornographers deliberately create rape scenes and sell them, which makes them sex offenders too.

When you watch pornography you are watching propaganda created by sex offenders that attempts to convince you that rape is sexy, and many viewers do go on to believe that rape is sexy. You are learning to sexualize abuse and therefore allowing yourself to be groomed, whether as a perpetrator or as a victim.

For the sake of the women and girls whose rapes are being filmed, and for the sake of your own sexuality, don’t watch pornography.


2 thoughts on “Pornography is grooming for abuse

  1. Thank you for saying it in no uncertain terms. “…you are watching propaganda created by sex offenders that attempts to convince you that rape is sexy…you are learning to sexualize abuse and therefore allowing yourself to be groomed…”

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  2. I have absolutely no doubt about the effect porn has had on me. The same goes for the objectification of women in mainstream media. I hesitate to differentiate the two. From the time we’re born, we are fed images of hypersexualized girls and women whose soul purpose is to make herself as delicious an entree as she can for the consumption of any and every man. I would extend the invitation to not watch porn to all forms of media which objectify women including magazines, movies, TV shows and even “beauty” products. Consuming these items is like consuming poison and buying them only makes them more readily available to the masses.

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