Lesbians, don’t trick straight women. Just don’t.

This is another one for the “gender fraud” category. A FtM transitioner was in a relationship with a straight woman who did not know her “boyfriend” was really female. This is a lesbian woman who experienced gender dysphoria and was attempting to live as a man. She was originally sentenced to two years in prison but the prison sentence was dropped.

These two had a romantic relationship where the lesbian did not initiate sex with the straight woman but the straight woman eventually required sex for the relationship to continue. The judge apparently took pity on her and didn’t end up giving her jail time because her motivation was simply to keep the relationship going.

But what was she expecting anyway? How long can a lesbian pretend to be a man without her partner noticing? The secret will be found out eventually. You cannot expect to be in a long-term relationship with a person who doesn’t know who you are. Even though it was not the lesbian who initiated sex with the straight woman, she had to know that sex would occur sooner or later. Unless you are asexual, someone in a romantic relationship is going to be interested in physical affection.

Not only that, but if you are female, you cannot hide the fact that you are female without hiding your body, your identification documents, your family members, your childhood friends, and basically your entire past. Apparently this woman was sleeping at her girlfriend’s house and remaining fully clothed. How long was that going to last? Was she planning on getting married, staying with her forever, and never taking off her pants?

This is dysfunctional behaviour. It’s telling a big lie to someone who you should be honest to, and it’s being an actor playing a role in your own life. It’s walking on a tightrope because at any moment, if you do the wrong thing even in the slightest, you will get found out. It sounds very stressful.

Healthy relationships cannot be built on a foundation of lies. You need to be honest with your partner about who you are.

The straight woman was understandably upset about the deception. She is quoted as saying: “I was weak and vulnerable. Finding out that Kyran Lee was a female shocked me to my core.”

Straight women do not want to have sex with other women, nor have romantic relationships with us. We need to accept that. Even if a lesbian is a “tomboy” and “feels male,” that doesn’t qualify her to have a relationship with a straight woman.

Transgenderism is setting up gay and lesbian people to believe it’s okay to deceive their partners or prospective partners. It’s not okay.

If you are female and attracted to females, even if you are gender-non-conforming, you still need to look for lesbians or bisexual women to date. If you are male and attracted to males then you need to look for gay and bisexual men to date.

If you are male and attracted to lesbians, too bad for you. Back off!

Don’t trick people into sex that they wouldn’t have if they knew who you were. It’s wrong and it’s assault.


4 thoughts on “Lesbians, don’t trick straight women. Just don’t.

  1. “Never Take Your Pants Off ” should be a song. With a samba beat. In a show called TRANS! And Exposé Musical.

    Just saw an article in my iPad newsfeed that Canada’s first transgender judge has been appointed. I knew you’d really want to know that Purple Sage.😒 These last two posts have been fantastic. This is an issue, lying to and deceiving people, including with the ‘trans kids’. And as fourth wave now says somewhere “cementing a child to feelings that don’t accord with reality is cruel and damaging.” The whole trans thing has all these problems with dishonesty and violating people in various ways. That would be really confusing if you didn’t know that trans really came out of the sexual fetish world and to some extent the tranny prostitute scene (men who had sex with men but only if they could pretend that they were women.) from earlier eras.

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