Film recommendation: Butch Jamie

I do have a collection of lesbian films at home, many of which my partner introduced me to, (thanks honey!) but one stands out in particular because it stars an actual butch lesbian. Butch Jamie is a very cute and dorky low-budget film that I just adore and have watched over and over. There are some really corny jokes that my partner and I quote to each other at random around the house. The best thing about this film, in my opinion, is the lead actress, who is an obvious real dyke, and the other things I like about it are the dorky down-to-earth cuteness and the fact that lesbians are portrayed in a positive light–no one goes crazy at the end like they do in a lot of lesbian films. There is some kissing in the film, which is far more interesting than anything from The L Word because it’s a real lesbian doing the kissing. I am not sure about the sexual orientation of the other actresses in the film but it seems as though a couple of the others are woman-loving too.

Here is the trailer:


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