How to make a vulva cupcake

Thanks to Miep for reposting this!


6 thoughts on “How to make a vulva cupcake

  1. Only somewhat related to the topic:
    I just found a peanut half that looks vaguely vulva-like. Is this a sign from the goddess? And if so, what for?

    (Do transwomen eat peanuts? The vulva-like form seems to be somewhat inherent to peanut halves, even though this specific one bears a greater likeness than others. It’s probably as triggering and life-endangering as vulva cupcakes to them.)


    • I’ve never noticed that about peanuts, but I definitely see a vulva when I open an orange. And yes, trans women are triggered by everything –they really cannot stray far from their fainting couches in case they might die a violent misgendering.

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      • Maybe one could make some money by publishing a cookbook for transwomen. Without any foodstuffs that could possibly be vulva-shaped. And tips on how to cut an apple so that it doesn’t look like a vulva.

        What do transmen eat? I suppose they could feel triggered by carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, some sorts of mushroom … the list is very long! On the other hand, transmen seem to be better at handling this sort of thing. 😉

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