A response to a realityphobic article in GayStarNews

Another anti-TERF article shows up in a publication that supposedly represents the gay community, and this one is particularly bad, so I will respond to it. These anti-TERF articles are a dime a dozen these days, but once in a while you get one that really stands out. This one gets several awards for outstanding use of disingenuous claims and bald-faced lies. It’s amazing that this anti-feminist crap gets published in gay publications. They’ve obviously never heard of lesbian feminists, have they? I am gay and these stupid publications do not represent me.

Let’s begin, shall we?

“People who don’t accept their trans sisters shouldn’t call themselves feminists

By excluding trans women, feminists are acting the same way as the misogynists they are fighting”

Already in the headline, it’s obvious this writer has absolutely no idea what’s actually going on out there. What’s actually going on out there is that trans women ARE misogynists, and feminists are having to fight back against their misogyny. I do get along just fine with the few gender-critical trans women who actually live in reality. I am friends with some of them on Facebook and we regularly have pleasant and productive conversations. I also get along with FtM transitioners, because guess what, they are my sisters! I am not against anyone just for the fact of them being trans. However, since the majority of “trans women” are actually heterosexual men with autogynephilia, and who also really hate actual women, we don’t tend to get along. One of the main reasons women are feminists is to fight misogyny, so we certainly aren’t going to include misogynists in our movement! Duh. I’m not sure why heterosexual men with sexual fetishes have been included in the gay community either. They’re not gay. Why are they being promoted by gay publications and associations?

The idea that feminists are “acting like misogynists” by excluding misogynist males from our movement is completely fucking daft.

“The likes of Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel may call themselves feminists, but they’re not – at least not the modern kind.”

Well, no, Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel are not the “modern” kind of feminist. You know, the modern feminists, whose feminist activism involves promoting porn culture and pretending that male violence is something that women “consent” to? They’re not that kind. They’re the kind of feminists who are actually feminists—the kind who confront male violence and dare to name the reality that women are living in. Both of these women have been major parts of the feminist movement for decades. To claim they are not feminists is to tell a bald-faced lie.

“One of the first rules of the feminist sisterhood is that it’s open to every woman, no matter her background, the color of her skin or her religion; sisters share a bond forged by following a common cause.

Sisters (should) stand in solidarity with all women, no matter if they’re cis, trans, black, white or active members of the women’s movement or not.”

Yes, feminism is for all women. Men are not a type of woman. Men who modify their bodies in order to become transgender are a type of man.

“Sadly, trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) like Greer and Bindel don’t seem to have gotten the memo on this one, instead accusing trans women of essentially being men in disguise, out to reinforce gender stereotypes.”

Haven’t gotten the memo, really? So all the harassment and abuse these women have received for years because men want them to believe that men are women somehow doesn’t constitute “getting a memo?” These women have gotten TONS of memos. They’ve gotten so many fucking memos they could probably build a whole forest out of the memos they’ve gotten. The reason they haven’t caved in to men’s demands is because they don’t believe men who say they’re women, and they are not afraid to say so out loud. We’re all getting the memo, we’re just not buying into what the memo says. Nice try!

“Spoiler alert: they’re not. They’re women, just like Susan Sontag, Oprah Winfrey and Margaret Cho, just like the writer of this piece; just like about three billion other human beings on this planet.”

This is so disingenuous. Of course trans women are not the same as women. We all know that, including the writer of this article. If there was absolutely no distinction between trans women and women, then the word “trans” wouldn’t need to exist. Why would we call some women “trans” if there was no characteristic to actually describe with this word? What do trans women transition from, if they were always women? This writer knows full well that trans women are biologically male. That’s what makes them trans instead of “cis.” That’s what makes them different from women. Feminists are concerned about people who are biologically female. You know, the class of people we have always called “women.” It is not bigoted or exclusionary to prioritize females, who are an oppressed class under capitalist patriarchy. To prioritize females is a feminist act.

“Trans women may not have experienced what it’s like growing up while expressing as a girl – the being talked over, the ideas only counting when a boy repeats them, the catcalling, the hyper-sexualization of your body, the ‘go back to the kitchen where you belong’-comments – but that doesn’t mean they experienced less misogyny.

They just experienced it differently.”

Wow, so you actually think that little boys who have not yet transitioned, and so nobody even knows they’re trans yet, experience the same level of misogyny as little girls? Really? That’s such a load of disingenuous bullshit.

Little boys sure do experience misogyny differently! They experience it from the other side. They experience misogyny as something that men and boys have a right to impose upon women and girls. They learn to sexualize misogyny—they learn that the degradation of women is sexy, and that the trappings of femininity are sexy. That’s why some little boys will grow up to sexualize the act of dressing as a woman. Cross dressing is a sexual fetish based on men imaging themselves as a member of the oppressed class: the class of female humans. This author obviously hasn’t been reading what these trans women are saying online—they are putting their fetish out there for all to see. Those few trans women who do not have a sexual fetish are not arguing that they ‘really are women’ and ‘have always been women’ because they are being honest about who they are and don’t have anything to hide. They are honest that they are human males who felt deeply uncomfortable with maleness to the point where they needed to modify their bodies. They don’t pretend to be the same as women because they don’t need to lie in order to cover up a fetish.

And what’s this about “expressing as a girl”? Little girls don’t get treated like girls because of the way they are “expressing.” Girls can express any way they want and they’ll still be girls. We can’t identify or “express” our way out of sex-based oppression. When men decide to sell girls into marriage or prostitution, or kidnap and impregnate them (in the case of Boko Haram), it has absolutely nothing to do with the way the girls were “expressing.” It has everything to do with our female biology—our capacity to produce offspring—and the fact that males have power over females. The class of humans who can produce ova and bear young are oppressed on the basis of our biology. We are the class of people called women. It has nothing to do with what outfit we’re wearing. Men can wear any outfit they want and they’re still not going to be used by other men for the biological capacity that they don’t have. They might just get beat up by men who are reinforcing sex stereotypes by punishing those who don’t comply. This behaviour by men is one that feminists are fighting against, and that transgenderists are not addressing.

“While their parents, and society, may not socialize them as girls, from day one trans women are exposed to everything a cis woman is exposed to.

They learn, and internalize, everything other children learn – that it’s shameful, that girls are weak, can’t be good at math, and are less important that boys – because they’re girls as well, even if they haven’t told anyone just yet.

Following the accounts of trans people you’ll notice a common ground – they all knew their bodies didn’t match their gender from an early stage, although it may have taken some of them a bit of time to figure out what exactly that means.”

No, trans women are not exposed to the same things that women are exposed to. As girls, we are treated as inferior, our bodies are oversexualized, we grow breasts and we menstruate, we receive sexual harassment from men based on their interest in our developing bodies, and we are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual violence from men, based on our female bodies.

Yes, trans women receive the same messages about gender stereotypes as everyone else. We all receive the same messages about girls having to be a certain way and boys having to be a certain way. It turns out that radical feminists, those of us who are slandered by the slur “TERF”, are the people who are trying to fight against these gender stereotypes so that people can just be themselves, in whatever form that may take. It is transgenderists who are reinforcing the belief that girls have to be a certain way and boys have to be a certain way, therefore if a boy plays with dolls he must really be a girl.

In regards to the bit about “their bodies don’t match their gender”—nobody’s body matches their gender because gender is a social construct that does not represent reality. Boys and men have all sorts of personalities, and girls and women have all sorts of personalities. The stereotypes about how men and women should behave certainly don’t “match” our bodies.

“Right now, we see a worrying change and something growing more and more prominent in trans-exclusionary feminism – women going against their deepest principle, and one of the key points where feminism attacks society.

No woman should be reduced to, and only seen as, her body.

By reducing trans women to their body, TERFs turn into the misogynists they’re fighting.”

I’m getting sick and tired of people claiming that by correctly identifying someone’s body parts, we’re reducing them to their body parts. I correctly identify the fact that female humans have a uterus, a vagina, and a vulva. This doesn’t mean that I think that women are just walking vaginas who have no use other than their reproductive capacity. I am fully aware that women are full human beings with our own minds. In fact, I argue this exact point all the time. It doesn’t follow that because a woman has a uterus that means she is nothing but a uterus. Similarly, if I point out that women have hands and feet, that doesn’t mean I’m reducing women to nothing but grasping and walking. This point is so silly, and it gets repeated so often, I wonder about people’s intelligence. The people who reduce women to their genitals are not feminists with a basic understanding of biology, but misogynist men who assume that because of our capacity to reproduce, we should all be limited to the roles of wives, mothers, and prostitutes.

It’s true that no woman should be reduced to her body. That doesn’t mean that men are women, for fuck’s sake.

“When used against them, biological determinism – ‘You can’t be good at math, because you’re a girl. As a woman, you cannot be stronger than a man, because of your genes.’ – sends TERFs into a frenzy; yet they’re more than happy to make it into a tool when it fits their purpose.”

What the fuck is this. Yes, feminists ARE against biological determinism. That’s why we don’t buy into the daft idea that a boy who plays with dolls is really a girl. We know that boys can be anything they want to be, and have any personality that suits them, and that doesn’t mean they’re not boys. It’s transgenderists who believe in biological determinism—the idea that men and women have to be a certain way, and that if someone has a personality that has been socially assigned to the opposite sex, they must really be the opposite sex.

“Excluding someone because of their body, be it shape, ability or else, is going against the very core of feminism.”

Again, feminism does exclude men. That’s okay. We are a movement by, for, and about women. Including men is certainly not “the very core of feminism.” For the record, the very core of feminism is liberating human females from oppression.

“One of the main arguments TERFs bring forward to justify their exclusion of trans women is that they weren’t socialized in the ‘right’ way; that trans women were socialized as men and therefore male privilege prevails.

While it is true that women, especially those who transitioned a bit later, may have experienced male privilege, it’s also true that they let go of it the moment they start transitioning.”

Okay, this author JUST said, a few paragraphs above, that trans women don’t get socialized as women. These people make conflicting arguments even within the same article and they don’t see that this invalidates their argument. Sigh.

Yes, trans women usually keep their male privilege. This is why males are creating laws all over the place that include them in women’s prisons, and women’s facilities such as locker rooms and change rooms and actual women haven’t had much power to fight back against this, even though we do not wish to share our private spaces with males. The laws are on the books already and men who transgender can get into these spaces. Such as this guy, who just put on a wig and some makeup, hasn’t had surgery, but was allowed in a women’s prison. They are allowed access to anything they want, due to male privilege.

“A prime example for the loss of male privilege, and instead being subject to (not exuding) the male gaze can be found with Caitlyn Jenner.

Before she came out as trans, Jenner received questions about what it’s like to be head of a family full of strong women, while her achievements – first of all her Olympic success – were one of the main talking points; afterwards, all that ruled the headlines were her choices of clothing.

Everyone who thinks this is male privilege – which, in itself, is impossible as Caitlyn is a woman, albeit one holding white and class privileges – should look up the meaning of the word ‘privilege’.”

WHAT!? Okay, now I know for sure this author is from another planet, because she thinks that Bruce Jenner is a prime example of not losing one’s male privilege. He literally admits on camera to trying on his young daughter’s clothes without anyone investigating him for child abuse, he thinks that the hardest thing about being a woman is putting on an outfit, and he still gets the male-only privileges at his golf club because he signed up under his male name. Jenner is the poster boy for male privilege.

“Not to mention that trans women are just as much, if not more (depending on where you are in the world), in danger of male violence, no matter if they ‘pass’ or not.”

Do you think Bruce Jenner is in danger of male violence? I don’t. He’s rich and can simply hire a bodyguard. The trans women who are in grave danger of male violence are the ones who are in the sex industry—the same sex industry in which women are constantly being murdered as well. Men who purchase other people for ‘sex’ are violent men, and you’re not going to see any trans activists who try to hold johns accountable for their violence. The trans community is pro-prostitution.

“In regards to being socialized as male, it’s safe to say this cannot be true, either – how can a child who’s 100% sure she’s a girl be socialized as a boy?”

You just wrote, a few paragraphs ago, the following sentence: “While their parents, and society, may not socialize them as girls, from day one trans women are exposed to everything a cis woman is exposed to.” So which is it? Is it “safe to say trans women cannot be socialized as male,” or is it true that “their parents and society might not socialize them as girls”? Are there no editors working at Gay Star News who could have caught this obvious contradiction?

“A woman excluding trans women is as much a feminist as those excluding black women, fat women or those with disabilities – not at all.”

Again, excluding men from feminism is not the same thing as excluding women from feminism. Feminism is a movement by, for and about women with the goal of liberating women from oppression. This movement, by definition, does not include males.

“As a white cis woman, I appreciate the work and the achievements of the suffragettes, who fought so I can vote, and the second- and third-wave feminists campaigning for more equality.

Thanks to them I can now sit in an (otherwise all-male) office, have my voice heard and work for my own money, all without needing consent from my non-existent husband or another male in my life.”

The first thing you should do to show your appreciation for the feminists who have fought for your rights is to stop trashing them in badly-written articles and to stop centering men in your ‘feminism.’

“At the same time, as a feminist, it is now my turn to help ensure all my sisters receive the same rights and that we’re all getting closer and closer to full equality.”

You’re not helping women achieve equality by gas-lighting women into thinking it’s a good idea to give men the legal right to practice their sexual fetish in women’s sex-segregated spaces.

“People who can look a trans woman square in the eye and say, as Germaine Greer did, ‘you’re just a man who chopped his dick off’, don’t just insult their sisters – they also contradict everything they themselves stand for.”

Although some trans women are men who chopped their dick off, the majority of them never even do that much. They keep their dicks and just dress in women’s clothes. Women have a right to speak this truth. We have a right to name men as men and we have a right to say NO to participating in men’s delusions and fetishes. Women do not “contradict everything we stand for” by naming reality.

“Feminists stand in solidarity with all women, not just a chosen few. Get over yourselves.”

Feminists ARE standing in solidarity with all women when we expose men’s violence against us, including the emotional violence that is gas-lighting, including the violation of boundaries that men with fetishes inflict upon us. And you dare to tell feminists to “get over yourselves”? This is a lot like saying “fuck you,” to those very same people who, as you stated above, fought for your right to earn your own money and not depend on a husband. Feminists—the kind who prioritize women no matter what men have to say about it. Feminists will keep standing up for your rights—even though you wrote this awful article—because we stand up for rights for all women, no matter what kind of woman she is, whether we personally like her or not. That’s what feminism is.


18 thoughts on “A response to a realityphobic article in GayStarNews

  1. “People who don’t accept (anything men who claim to “really” be women say) shouldn’t call themselves feminists.

    By excluding (automatically believing anything men who claim to “really” be women say) feminists are acting the same way as the misogynists they are fighting.”


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  3. Excellent take-down of a terrible article.

    I used to read articles like this and try very, very hard to agree with them. I’m a little embarrassed for my past self 😛

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  4. Brilliant take down. It cannot be repeated enough feminism is a movement for the liberation of women. Women are female, by definition this excludes males. Exclusiveness is a good thing, it excludes the oppressor from taking over the movement as they are attempting to do here.

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  5. “We are a movement by, for, and about women. Including men is certainly not “the very core of feminism.””

    Most people nowadays seem to believe that feminism is a movement BY women FOR everyone. Or by women for men.

    For some reason those same people never seem to wonder how children’s books are written by children, and why there are so few orthography mistakes in them.

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  6. This one is my favourite:
    “Trans women may not have experienced what it’s like growing up while expressing as a girl – the being talked over, the ideas only counting when a boy repeats them, the catcalling, the hyper-sexualization of your body, the ‘go back to the kitchen where you belong’-comments – but that doesn’t mean they experienced less misogyny.”

    Translation: Just because we haven’t experienced misogyny doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced less misogyny. Just dumb. And insane. And deliberately ignorant. And entitled.

    Yes, good parsing and translation of this nonsense. I swear, we need to bring in (back) mandatory 15-hour workdays for men, 7 days a week. And make it hard labour – to tire them out. When they have time on their hands and time to ‘think’, they get up to no good.

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