This is a must – read post from a detransitioner.


12 thoughts on “Unavoidable

  1. What an amazing post – so glad you found it to share, PS. I would never have stumbled across it myself. I wonder whether 4thwavenow has seen it – she may want to reblog.

    This is the horror of a for-profit health care system. They need new markets for their hormones, among other things. Lest you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, let me explain that I worked at a U med center years back, doing social research. It was all funded by drug companies, and one study (luckily I wasn’t on that team), funded by a mfg of hormones, involved finding ways for doctors to “educate” women on how they were “good candidates” for HRT. This after the Women’s Health Initiative halted that study on HRT b/c it was causing harm to study participants – and that news caused many women to stop taking HRT.

    Just today, on reddit, I saw a comment by a woman about how she was past 60, on HRT and started bleeding. Another commenter said, I thought they didn’t prescribe that for older women anymore? She said something to the effect, oh, apparently it’s not clear cut. Some women are “good candidates.”

    I felt a chill – that study at the place I once worked probably has had an effect.

    Trans people are being experimented on most definitely – and are a new market for big pharma.


    • It is all connected – I recently learnt that insurances play an active role in defining what is considered an actual health problem (worthy of payment) and what is not. They work to re-define actual diseases as “psychological”, so that they don’t have to pay up when someone is permanently unable to work.

      With diseases where there is expensive medication, that probably gets counteracted by the big pharma. But people who are just disabled for life and the only treatment is a lot of rest and letting the body recover … they lose that game.

      It is an inherent flaw of capitalism.

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