Bruce Jenner announces on camera that he tried on his 10-year-old daughter’s clothes

Thanks to Gallus Mag for posting this. I had to watch this several times, because I was so struck with disbelief. Here is Bruce Jenner giving a speech at what is described as an “LGBTQ organization” and he talks about stealing his daughter’s clothes when they were around 10 years old. He refers to them as his “little daughters” and says he thought he was “clever” and “cute” for trying on their clothes when they were out. His daughters set up a security camera in their room and caught their dad in action.

At this point I just want to vomit profusely, because here is this man who is so powerful and privileged that he can stand up in front of a crowd of people and television cameras and admit to having an incestuous interest in the clothing of his prepubescent daughters and present the story like it’s some funny anecdote. It’s not funny. It’s sexual abuse of children and it’s reprehensible and abhorrent.

Bruce Jenner chose the name Caitlyn for himself when he “came out” as a pervy autogynephile transwoman. The name Cailtyn belongs to the generation of his grandchildren. This is not a girl’s name that was in use in his generation. He is calling himself by a young woman’s name and admitting interest in the clothing of prepubescent girls. How is anyone calling this man “brave”? How is anyone calling him by female pronouns? This man is not a woman, he doesn’t identify as a woman, he is a creepy perverted cross-dresser and deadbeat dad who is abusive toward his children, including sexually abusive, and who may have actually masturbated into a child’s underwear.

He should be booed off the stage, he should not be given a platform to speak, and he should be investigated for child sexual abuse.

And to add insult to injury, he gave this speech at an LGBTQ organization. I am one of the ‘L’s in LGBTQ and I am outraged that this abuser is using our acronym to support his fetish. As far as I know, LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer, not Gross Dad Who Masturbates Into Children’s Underwear. Get these perps the fuck out of our movement!

I do not consider that LGBTQ organizations give any shits about lesbians or gays. And if this is any indication, they actively hate women and girls. Can you imagine how it feels to be one of his daughters? Not only did their dad violate them as children but now the whole world is listening to how he violated them and people are calling him “brave”? What the fuck?? His daughters are being gas-lighted and revictimized. Any survivor of childhood sexual abuse will probably be triggered by this.

Liberals and queer/trans activists will put trigger warnings on articles that call prostitution violence, but will they put trigger warnings on the promotion of child sexual abuse? Seriously, I’m waiting for them to start putting trigger warnings on Caitlyn Jenner.

Liberals and queer/trans activists will no-platform feminists who speak against violence against women, but will they no-platform a man who proudly proclaims his violation of his daughters? I’m waiting for this to happen, too.

Bruce Jenner should be afraid to show his face in public. Television networks and organizations who promote him should be boycotted.

20 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner announces on camera that he tried on his 10-year-old daughter’s clothes

  1. Thank you Purple Sage for highlighting this and for seeing his ”comedy” retelling of that incident for exactly what it was; appropriation and violation of their privacy, their burgeoning femininity and transition into womanhood and a blatant misuse of their trust in a man who was their father. Jenner comes across exactly as one of those sexist, misogynist comedians from the 70’s and early 80’s that I thought we had seen the back of. Apparently not. It’s OK with the audience if the comedian identifies as a woman (?). All the makeup, surgery, styling and clothing doesn’t begin to cover up for one minute that as soon as he opens his mouth and speaks he is a misogynistic, sexist man, with no empathy or understanding of what it is to be a woman.

    I don’t usually say much about Bruce Jenner as he and all his fawning sycophants leave me sick and angry. Believe you me that little story is only the tip of the ice-berg of similar violations that he must have committed over the course of his marriages. I do wish that Kris would speak up.

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  2. Have I missed something? Have his daughters made kniwn/hinted at abuse? You make a big jump from his trying on clothes, to masturbation in the clothes, to proclaiming he sexually assaulted his daughters, and is revicitimizing them by sharing this story.
    I do respect your right to blog your opinions all you like.
    I wish Kris would speak up too.

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      • 2mommas: you have indeed missed something. Not only is Purplesagefem’s response correct, but the fact that Jenner’s daughters have not identified his behavior as abuse has nothing to do with whether or not his behavior is abusive. Besides, exactly when and where would his daughters be allowed to have their own private thoughts and feelings about all of this, anyway? They are trapped in the media/fame mania surrounding Jenner, they are being schooled by the vast body of fawning approval–nay, of utterly valorizing–him, and can scarcely be imagined to have had time or space to recognize their own inner reality wrt all this. And even if they did have that inner awareness, do you imagine they are in any position to speak out, without terrible fear of reprisal from his fan club (which includes, after all, the fucking President Of the US). In light of the well-established patterns of the trans borg, those reprisals would *at least consist of those daughters being publicly outed as massively uncool and transphobic, and at worst would come with death threats.

        You did indeed miss all that. Do you have any idea, by the way, how long it takes some survivors of CSA and other forms of sexual assault to get clear awareness of crimes committed against them…and how much longer it can take to speak out about it? Many never do, so great is their fear of reprisal from family and community–and most are not children of celebrities, who have even more reason to fear reprisal than the average citizen.

        Finally–Jenner’s behavior would have constituted a ‘harmless fetish’ if he’d bought his own little-girl-undies to play with in a sexual way. Using his own daughter’s underclothes is what makes it abuse. Makes me nauseous to think of those poor girls living with such a despicable, utterly selfish and perverted ‘daddy’…and add undying fury to the fact that he now retraumatizes them publicly, ruthlessly exploiting them as an avenue to (ever greater depths of) self-aggrandizement and normalization of his delusions and perversions.

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        • for pete’s sake, transwomen are always talking about the Daddy transitioners who post about stealing their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers underwear and clothes to jerk off into as though this is just part of “being a girl”. Go check out Suzanne Place, see for yourself. It’s not part of being a girl and it’s not acceptable for men to violate the boundaries of their female relatives just because they enjoy crossdressing. And Jenner has enough money to buy a fucking shopping mall, there was no reason for him to be sneaking in and wearing his daughters and wives clothes except for the boundary violation thrill.

          This guy is sadly not an anomaly, I mean here is a transwoman who is a public performer and they thought there was nothing wrong about publishing a poem about stealing their sisters underwear and masturbating in them,cause that’s what #girlslikeus do.

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        • The blog says he tried on his daughter’s clothes. How do we know it was underwear that he tried on? Was that on the taped piece?


  3. I can’t believe he is saying these things in public and getting applauded for it. When feminists say it, it’s all DIAF. He must feel untouchable. I wonder if he is? Or if he will be discarded if this gets more widely known?

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  4. Cute? What the heck? Cute is when a ten year old borrow’s her father’s jacket to play pretend.
    If an adult man borrows his daughter’s underwear then that’s not cute, the word you are looking for is “creepy”.

    Even if he had only worn the daughters’ dresses, it is inherently abusive to encourage the girls to blame each other. Also, some people nowadays don’t seem to understand that the relationship between children and parents is not an equal one. If a child searches their parents’ rooms to know what the Christmas presents will be or whatever, then that is not the same thing as parents snooping through children’s rooms in search of diaries or other private things. Children have no way of enforcing boundaries, they are at their parents’ mercy.

    Regardless of whether Jenner got sexually excited by wearing his children’s clothes, he is at the very least a very disgusting person for stealing from ten year olds and not even having the good sense to not be proud of that.

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  5. In case anyone doesn’t already know: James Smith, husband of pretty damn heroic NYPD officer Moira Smith who died on 9/11 after managing part of the WTC evacuation that saved hundreds of lives has returned the Woman of the Year award he accepted from Glamour on his deceased wife’s behalf.

    And don’t forget that Jenner rammed a woman’s car into a left side T-bone collision that killed Kimberly Howe. Her name was Kimberly Howe. Never forget her name.

    And what about the driver who innocently delivered the killing collision? I am sure this person is experiencing at least some limited form of PTSD. This person, whoever he or she is, deserves more closure than just not being charged with a crime. This person deserves that the truly culpable actor should be prosecuted.

    I mean think about it. Suppose I was idling in a left turn lane and another driver rammed into the intersection to kill Chelsea Poe or Sophia Banks. As much as I loath these two persons, I would be HUGELY traumatized by what happened. I would totally want not just to not be charged or not be held civilly culpable, I would want somebody else, the person who rammed me into the intersection, to be held accountable.

    But dumbass Jenner, he don’t give a shit about killing, and neither does Glamour.

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  6. BTW: How does an athletic man “put on” his 10yo daughter’s underwear? He would have still had his muscled decathlon thighs almost the size of his waist, and his hips and ass would be plenty muscled. Hardly a probable fit.

    So Bruce: Why don’t you say you jacked off while draping your 10yo daughter’s undies on your cock that never got so hard until you went rummaging through the laundry hamper. You could not have really worn your ten year old daughter’s undies. Tell us the truth!

    I don’t think I really want to know the truth. I know Bruce killed a woman less than a year ago. I know Bruce is an autogynephilic fetishist of the highest degree. I know Bruce enacted his fetishes on his daughters and stepdaughters.

    Fuck you Bruce. The little boy who begged for your Wheaties box in 1976 when I didn’t even like Wheaties and my mom rarely ever bought full price brand cereal now hates you.

    And since this comment is about Jenner. I must add that her name was Kimberly Howe. Always remember Kimberly Howe. Never mention Jenner without mentioning “Jenner, death, Kimberly Howe”. I am mentioning Kimberly Howe so much that her name will be strongly associated with Caitlyn Jenner.

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