Man with “awful criminal record” smirks as he is allowed into women’s prison


Jaris Bailey Lovado is in prison for robbery, possession of stolen property, obstruction and fraud. While being arrested, he bashed his head into the side of the cruiser and kicked the door and windows, then wrapped a seatbelt around his head several times in an attempt to strangle himself. In another incident, police pulled him over and he attempted to escape by speeding away and switching the license plate on his stolen vehicle. He told the police officers his name was “Roy Lovedoll” but was unable to spell it.

While in prison, he began to identify as a woman, but he did not want to be treated like one.

“I experienced a lot of bullying and ridicule of the inmates,” Lovado said in a phone interview. “The unit wanted me to wash their dishes because I’m a woman.”

Lovado 2

Lovado, who now identifies as Bianca Bailey Lovado, has been moved to a women’s prison.

The actual women who are now being housed with Lovado will be sleeping with one eye open, for sure—and I don’t think any of them will be getting out of dish duty the way he can.


18 thoughts on “Man with “awful criminal record” smirks as he is allowed into women’s prison

  1. You know what that smirk means? It means ” I just manipulated a whole bunch of people to get what I want…….and you can do fuck all about it!” I’ve seen it too many times in the last few years.

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  2. Not only is he male, but he exhibits classic male-pattern violence. No matter what gender a person says they are, actions should still speak louder than words. His male body– including XY male chromosomes and male genitals— combined with his male-pattern violence is a clear indication of…maleness. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

    Let men deal with other men and their ridicule. Perhaps he will “get it” and finally realize that if he isn’t tough enough for jail, he should stop committing felonies. Rewarding him by giving him access to women to rape will not teach him the error of his ways. It WILL illegally punish many women, many of whom, have done much lesser things.

    The problem is that trannies are organized and we are not. We need a national or international organization that can fight this trans insanity. We should fully fund the lawsuits of any sisters who experience male-pattern violence from male inmates illegally placed in women’s facilities. This endangers them and violates their rights. It is wrong.

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  3. He’s obviously a CON MAN, trying to con the prison out of doing time in a MAN’s prison and he thinks doing time in a women’s prison would be easier. I think they should throw him in the psych ward or psych prison.

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