Homosexual = attracted to the same sex

I never read Everyday Meninism, because I don’t want my head to explode, but sometimes Cheki makes fun of their posts, and sometimes people post them on Facebook to make fun of them, so I have noticed a tendency of theirs that is starting to really piss me off. They have a tendency to claim that homosexuals are attracted to the same gender. Nope. As we always have been, homosexuals are attracted to the same sex. Sex is a biological feature of human beings that we are born with. Gender is a social construct, and generally refers to the sex stereotypes of femininity and masculinity that are imposed on females and males.

It is completely daft to claim that homosexuality means attraction to a certain set of sex stereotypes, and that it has nothing to do with genitals. I know these days everyone’s gender is supposed to be unique and special, but honestly, most of what transgenderists are promoting is ancient, tired old masculinity and femininity, not anything new. They would claim that lesbians are attracted to femininity, therefore if a male is feminine, we’ll be attracted to him. Nope. Lesbians are female humans who are attracted to other female humans. And lesbians aren’t even always attracted to femininity! We can be, but not always. Genitals are absolutely a part of sexual attraction. Just as heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite set of genitals and what they can do together, homosexuals are attracted to the same set of genitals. You know how straight dudes always talk about “getting pussy?” Yeah, they’re attracted to the genitals of the opposite sex, duh. Lesbians are in fact attracted to vulvas and that’s okay. And we don’t have to see someone’s genitals to know we are attracted to them. The thing is, it is obvious whether people are male or female no matter what clothes they’re wearing. Males and females look different, even fully dressed.

I took some time today to think about whether it is at all true that I am attracted to a gender. I thought about the people I find attractive. Number one, I have a partner, and she is butch. I’m definitely attracted to butches. She looks super hot when she’s wearing dirty coveralls and working underneath the car. She also looks really hot while operating power tools in other contexts. However, just because I find this attractive on her, doesn’t mean I find it attractive on men. I don’t give a shit about men fixing stuff or using tools.

I’m not just attracted to butches though. I mean, I find women of all sorts attractive. I have a huge thing for actress Gillian Anderson, and she’s a gorgeous, beautiful femme. So like… I guess I’m attracted to any gender? However, I’m attracted to one particular sex. That sex is female.

Same with my partner. Obviously she’s attracted to me. But her “type” is generally femmes with long curly hair, and I’m androgynous with short straight hair. (I’ll just go ahead and say it: my partner’s “type” is Helena Bonham Carter. lol )  But guess what, even if we tend to find certain styles or looks attractive, that doesn’t necessarily mean our life partner will come in that style. Our life partner will certainly come in the sex we are attracted to, though.

The trans activists who insist that people are attracted to a gender are living on a planet of their own. And I worry about young lesbians because they are being gas-lighted on a constant basis. Young women are learning in their GSAs and in their student unions that TERFs are evil and oppressive and that they must be inclusive of “women” with dicks. Young women tend to be nice to everybody because we are socialized that way, and they have not had much opportunity yet to learn just how much men hate them. I fear for them buying into this nonsense and dating trans women and being coerced into sex with their lady peen. How terrifying. Misogynist men have been trying to bed lesbians since forever and they’ve been outraged since forever that we love other women and not them. This is the same homophobic, misogynist abuse that frat boys have been displaying since always, but now they have a groovy new “queer” angle to go in at.

Female homosexuals are attracted to other females. That’s what it means to be a lesbian. Trans activists are homophobic and abusive. Don’t listen to them, young women. You are allowed to be a female attracted to females, you are allowed to say no to men of any gender, and you are not a bigot, you are a lesbian. Being a lesbian is fantastic and you don’t have to change that.


8 thoughts on “Homosexual = attracted to the same sex

  1. Yes, well said! I’ll add my experience as a woman with a different attraction pattern: I am attracted to both males and females while the clothes are on but was dismayed to learn from experience that I am only attracted to male genitals for sexual stuff. I discovered this by going to bed with a woman I was consumed with passion for, bringing disappointment to me and to her. This was the opposite of my first sex-with-males experiences, where even if I had no interest in my partner as a person I found his anatomy very exciting. So I’m potentially attracted to anybody but don’t follow through unless it’s a person with a penis, because I don’t think there is value to myself or my partner in having sex with someone whose genitals I don’t want to touch.

    I would rather be bisexual than heterosexual because there are so many wonderful women in the world, but I would also rather live in reality than fantasy.

    One of the steps on my way to peak trans was finding out that the fact that I am open to dating either men or trans women (and yes, I’ve been attracted to several transwomen in real life) is “transphobic” because it supposedly doesn’t validate trans women as women. Silly me, I thought a mostly-straight woman who likes lots of different gender presentations even though I am sexually only into males would be a potential partner for a transwoman. What I thought of as accepting transwomen for what they are, it turns out, just makes me a TERF.

    So I shrugged and went back to dating only non-trans men. Peak trans came later when I found out we women aren’t allowed to talk about our own bodies or female experiences in bizarrotransland.

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    • I can relate to that, kind of – though I’m bisexual, I’m not really all that attracted physically to women, and when I was turned on by and in love with a masculine gender woman, I wasn’t interested in her sexually at all in any way, didn’t want to get physically intimate, because I was aware my feelings for her were just because she was reminding me of a man, ‘re man, like I wasn’t aware of her as a woman when she was turning me on.


  2. I think it’s totally wrong for any trans women to say that lesbians should be turned on by penises, and should be willing to have sex with people who have them, and, it outrages me. I totally empathise with how, if a person isn’t turned on by certain genitals, then, they can’t alter that, and also, why should they even try to – no one is entitled to expect anyone else to desire them or desire any category of person, I don’t think.

    However, when I was young in the 90s and early Oys, speaking from personal experience, there was no common definition of what lesbian meant, none which anyone would tell me, and my pen friends I’d found for support, were equally at a loss. Even if we just looked in the dictionary for the standard definition there – a woman sexually or romantically attracted to other women – what did sexual actually mean? No one told us that the masculinity or femininity of the women we were attracted to, was irrelevant or only partly relevant in our knowing if we were lesbian or not. I would think there are a significant amount of non trans women out there who have been defining themselves as lesbians for a long time solely on the basis of their attraction to a gender role as expressed by a woman. One of my lesbian friends say she’s indifferent to a lover’s genitals, she has just been solely turned on by the masculinity and softness of the women she’s had as wives.


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