Trans activist welcomes rapists in women’s washroom

I am just speechless with shock upon seeing this Tweet by trans activist Zinnia Jones, which reads “Literally 100% of trans people could be convicted rapists and that still doesn’t actually justify excluding us from the proper restroom.”

Zinnia Tweet

As of the time of writing this post, this Tweet is still available at this link.

So Zinnia, you really think it’s okay to allow convicted rapists into women’s washrooms? And you think that if ALL trans people were convicted rapists it would still be justifiable to allow them in women’s washrooms? Like, are you serious?

In Zinnia’s world, apparently, women’s washrooms are designated places where sex offenders can feel free practice their fetish and perv on unsuspecting women. This sounds like some sick and twisted porn fantasy from an abusive male.

He has provided this link to a blog post where he explains himself. He says that there is no real danger to women if men are using their washrooms and no predatory men would ever claim transgender status in order to perv on women in the washroom. Here is an extremely long list of newspaper articles where men have dressed in women’s clothes while committing sex crimes. Thank you Pantypopo for the list.

Zinnia Jones is aware of the reason why women need women-only bathrooms. He denies that women are in any danger from CONVICTED RAPISTS because it suits him to deny this. He does not care about the safety of women and girls. He only cares about his own identity as a trans woman and being allowed into women’s spaces. He is proudly displaying his disregard for women’s safety in plain view as if it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do. This is male privilege and this is misogyny.


14 thoughts on “Trans activist welcomes rapists in women’s washroom

  1. Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism and commented:
    Zinnia, one of the future leaders of the ex-trans movement who will be blame his misadventures in transgenderism on radical feminists who made him feel so bad about being a man he was forced to take estrogen, sob.

    Zachary Antolak aka Zinnia Jones, is a moron. Here’s some transwomen and crossdressers, (second verse, same as the first) who assaulted women and children in public women’ bathrooms,

    Here’s a list of trans rapists

    Here’s a list of trans child rapists

    Here’s a list trans murderers

    And as the blog says, Ban Rapists and Violent Predators From Changing Legal Gender and Name. It makes no sense at all that men like Dennis “Allison” Woolbert who repeatedly raped his 14 year old step daughter was allowed to legally change his name and legally change his gender marker and claim his victims sex as his own. Woolbert later went on to become a national transactivist who was given awards by PFLAG for his work in doing things like starting a database called “TERF Tracker” for women who knew he was a man. This is the kind of person Jones is defending, what an idiot.

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  2. Left this comment at his blog (though not under my name); feel free to use the argument elsewhere if you like.

    “On average, transwomen are taller than the average woman (I’m not using “cis”, that’s insulting and inaccurate) with greater strength and longer arm reach *even after going on estrogen*. On average, transmen are the same average height as other women. They may be somewhat stronger from the testosterone but they can’t leverage it as well. The average man would not be able to pass as a transman, he’s just not little enough. As for the ones who are, a woman would have a better chance fighting them off. I would rather chance a small man trying to pass as a transman than a tall man trying to pass as a transwoman. Go back to your own bathroom. It’s not my fault men threaten to beat you up. It’s not your fault either, but you are taking this out on the wrong people.”

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    • Libraries get a ton of perverts in the women’s facilities. We need to keep laws on the books to get these perverted men out of the women’s room. If this becomes legal, women will have zero recourse.

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  3. He knows that the level of convicted rapists (love the use of “convicted”, by the way – he kens fine well there’s a far higher level of rapists out there who werenae convicted but are rapists no less) is going to be particularly high amongst men with fetishes. So he’s getting in there with his defence first.

    They’re soooo trustworthy, these bastards, aren’t they?

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  4. “He is proudly displaying his disregard for women’s safety in plain view as if it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do. This is male privilege and this is misogyny.”


    Feminists must continue to fight for women’s spaces. We must not fear the “transphobic” label. Women’s safety is not a bargaining chip in the culture wars. It is just ridiculous that we are even having a societal conversation around the “right” of 50% of the population. Let’s use our voices! FOR women’s rights!

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      • UGGH! I guess this site omits words inside greater than and less than symbols?

        ONE MORE TRY:
        It is just ridiculous that we are even having a societal conversation around the right of *less than* 0.1% of the population to dictate what happens to *greater than* 50% of the population.

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  5. Hi, I’m trying to write a piece for Counterpunch in response to Elizabeth West’s article stating that no man puts on a dress to go into a bathroom and rape women. May I link to this blog? Thanks!

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