Some comments on the NoFap Challenge

WordPress lets me know what sites link to my blog, and one of the regulars is Reddit—usually the Women’s Liberation or the Gender Critical subreddit. A new one caught my eye a few weeks ago—the NoFap subreddit. I had no idea what NoFap was so I went and read it. It turns out that NoFap is no-masturbation and no-porn challenge for men, and they linked to one of my anti-porn posts. I have read their information page and I have a few words to say about it.

According to the NoFap page, the benefits of stopping porn/masturbation are the following:

  • Numbed Pleasure Response healing: You may suffer from something called Numbed Pleasure Response (perhaps even Erectile Dysfunction or Delayed Ejaculation), making it harder for you to reach pleasure or climax. Abstaining from pornography and possibly masturbation altogether may help you overcome these problems.
  • Increased Self-control: If you feel you may be addicted to pornography, or masturbate excessively, there are benefits alone from gaining the self control to control your behavior.
  • More hard drive space: Some porn collections can take up terabytes of information. Eliminating it will free up hard drive space.
  • More time: If you’re spending hours surfing porn sites looking for that one image to get off, that time can be better spent pursuing your passions, bettering your life, spending time with friends or a significant other, etc.
  • Improved attitude: Many Fapstronauts describe increased happiness throughout their lives, especially in their attitudes toward sex.

Notice that in this list of benefits of stopping porn use, the focus is entirely on the porn user and his needs. There is absolutely no mention of the fact that stopping porn use will lower the demand for sex trafficking. No mention of the violence against women and girls in the porn industry and how this violence could be reduced by fewer men demanding the product. The very first thing they list as a benefit of stopping porn is that it will alleviate erectile dysfunction. (Also: make some space on your hard drive! Woohoo!) But wait, isn’t the whole human trafficking thing a little more important?

The NoFap page says that people (read: men) are there to either stop porn use, excessive masturbation, or both, and that they may give up one without the other. So this is not at all an anti-porn page. It’s just a little challenge to take a break from watching videos of women being raped for a period of time in order to improve life for the viewer. Once the viewer’s life is back to fairly normal, I expect there will be no reason why he shouldn’t go back to fapping to stuff like Exploited Teens again.

It’s very telling that on a site that supposedly helps men who are trying to view less porn, there is absolutely no mention of the harms it does to women. Alleviating the harm done to women must not be a selling point. It’s almost like men just care about their dicks, and don’t give a shit about the women they harm.

If any No-Fappers come over to this blog, I challenge them to read the entire Anti-porn tag, particularly the three posts based on Hot Girls Wanted (Links one, two, three.) And then please read Pornland by Gail Dines and Pornography and the End of Masculinity by Robert Jensen. Now THAT will make you want to spend less time fapping. Maybe it will even make you a better person in general, by helping you to stop viewing women and girls as subhuman objects for your sexual use.

People tend to talk about pornography and masturbation as if they’re one and the same. So, a couple of absolutely necessary public service announcements:

  1. Pornography and masturbation are NOT the same thing. Pornography is the documented evidence of women and girls being raped that is being sold as entertainment, and constitutes an international human rights crisis. Masturbation is a harmless and inconsequential private activity.
  2. It is possible to masturbate without viewing porn. Seriously. Try it.

This blog is an anti-porn blog, but is quite in favour of masturbation. Please feel free to wank all you want, just do it in the privacy of your own home and don’t do it while watching videos of actual women being raped, kay thanks.


15 thoughts on “Some comments on the NoFap Challenge

  1. As my story’s on this site, you know I got issues 😦 But I completely agree with this post, it’s a struggle for me but this is like one of these stupid challenges to not smoke for a month or something. It gets you no further forward if you can’t see the oppressive structures behind porn.


  2. Well I don’t agree with your argument that nofap is only for men, anyone is welcome but it’s mostly men in the community because viewing porn and masturbating is primarily a guy thing. And also I can’t see how you a self proclaimed feminist supports masturbation. Most men who masturbate fantasize while masturbating which is objectification.


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