Yahoo user upset by TERFy blog

I just had to share this. WordPress tells me what sites link to my blog and I discovered that a Yahoo Answers user had expressed that they were “really upset” after reading my blog. Apparently, it was much too TERFy.

I gotta confees— I LOL’d. Unfortunately, the user did not express what exactly troubled them about my assertions that women are full, autonomous, self-governing human beings that should not have to be defined in terms of how men want to use us. As usual, I challenge all those people who are still in the trans cult to explain exactly what a woman is without using a circular definition. Just give it a try!

screenshot Aug 6


Link here.


9 thoughts on “Yahoo user upset by TERFy blog

  1. …also did you notice the 60-yr-old gay man agreed with you? I’ll bet a large cross-section of society actually does agree with you, but many of us are weary of the backlash in expressing it.


  2. It’s funny because there’s one guy asking what’s upsetting about it but you know they couldn’t possibly explainit since it’s based only on silencing women.

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