Survivor Jillan Mignon testifies on CBC

Jillan Mignon entered prostitution at age 13 and has now gotten out and is going to college. You can listen to her testimony in this podcast.

“My story of entering the sex trade is not very unique. It’s very very very typical. I came from, you know, a middle class family that struggled. We had abuse in our household, there was also some sexual abuse, and that made me a runaway. I started out on the street and it was very dangerous. I started out with survival sex, and survival sex is just, you’re not really trading sex for money, you’re trading sex for needs, you’re trading sex to be able to take a shower at somebody’s house, you’re trading sex to be able to sleep at somebody’s house, you’re trading sex for somebody to take you out for a hot meal. That’s survival sex. And that gradually progressed into working what we call “track” so that’s on the streets. I started in basically skid row of Winnipeg which is Higgins and Maine. You drive past there, you lock your car doors, it’s, that is, scary. And I’m still to this day I’m amazed that I actually stood there and sold myself there and made it out alive there. Because there’s no number of women who went to stand there at night and did not come back alive. So many of them, so many beautiful women, just didn’t even have a chance. Where I was, I was a nobody. In Winnipeg, the police sometimes won’t even, you know, they don’t even harass the girls that stand on the street. In Winnipeg, the police drive past them, they don’t care about who you are. They don’t care if you’re 12 years old and you’re standing on the corner. They don’t care that it’s midnight and you’re a little kid and you’re outside. They don’t care. In Winnipeg they have a phrase called a “ditch pig.” And that’s what was used at that time to describe somebody that worked “track,” that stood on the streets. Teenagers would drive, slow down and roll their window down and yell at you “hey, you ditch pig” and drive away and laugh about it.”

Please go and listen to the whole thing.


One thought on “Survivor Jillan Mignon testifies on CBC

  1. Oh, but Lisa thinks those “ditch pigs” just need a union. Crazy! They need to get OUT of prostitution, period. Society needs to help them leave, not form unions.

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